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A spinal cord injury may leave a patient disabled for life

Studies of spinal cord injuries have shown that men are most susceptible to spinal injuries. Children are also very susceptible to cases of spinal injury because generally children are more active than adults. Spinal cord injury, however, can be dangerous regardless of the gender and age of the patient. While some cases can be handled with treatment, therapy and rehabilitation ensure a maximum restoration of health to the patient -- most cases are generally difficult to treat and have varying outcomes.

Police in the middle of holiday crackdown on Connecticut highways

If you thought you noticed more patrols on Connecticut roadways you weren't just imagining things. The state police were out in full force the week of Christmas participating in a campaign dubbed "Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident," or "Operation SANTA" for short.

Medicial malpractice suit against cruise line can go forward

For the last 100 years, medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors, other medical staff and cruise lines have been repeatedly thrown out of court. The theory behind the rulings has been that cruise ship passengers couldn't expect to get the same type of care on a cruise ship that they would receive on land.

Cruise ships, medical malpractice and the law

As the weather turns colder, many Connecticut residents enjoy taking a vacation somewhere with warmer weather. Many people enjoy taking a cruise in the Caribbean, as this kind of vacation can easily accommodate kids and older family members. However, accidents can happen anywhere. When they occur on a cruise, proper medical care may be hard to come by and the legal issues that arise may be very different from those on land. Recently, a court case may have changed the legal landscape in some of these cases.

What are a Connecticut driver's duties after a car accident?

Every Connecticut car driver is required by law to adhere to certain rules and regulations when involved in a crash. These are duties and obligations that may attract penalties if ignored. An automobile driver is required to stop the person's car at the site of the crash or as close to the site as possible, such as the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic.

Hopes and fears for spinal cord injury victims

The words "spinal cord injury" are capable of making anyone feel anxiety, especially when contemplating the outcome and effects of such an injury. In Connecticut, most spinal cord injury patients are male, which is similar to the rest of the United States. Injuries to the spine can be extremely dangerous for both adults and children, and, until a few decades ago, anyone with an injured spinal cord was definitely not expected to recover. Today, with the advancement of medical treatment, varying degrees of revival have been seen in patients, although total recovery can only be found in the rarest of rare cases.

Doctor in brain medical malpractice case won't be sanctioned

When a patient has to have surgery, he or she is likely scared and worried. However, as patients, we believe that the surgeons we put our faith in will provide us with the proper care. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. While you would think that medical personnel who commit egregious errors would be disciplined by the state medical board, that doesn't always happen either.

Brain injury law aims to improve education, create database

Brain injury is a potentially devastating predicament, especially in children. It often develops in the form of a minor or serious concussion and can be dangerous, particularly if it goes untreated or is ignored.

NHTSA agrees to review truck underride guard regulations (1 of 2)

Trucking accidents are often catastrophic because of the sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers. However, tractor-trailers are also extremely dangerous because of how high off of the ground they are. When vehicles run into the back of tractor-trailers they can slide underneath of the truck, catastrophically injuring or killing the passengers inside.

Are there benefits for brain injury victims in Connecticut?

Brain injury patients in Connecticut may receive financial help after suffering a brain trauma if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Brain trauma patients may be obtain financial help from several different federal programs designed solely for this purpose. These include Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income.

Connecticut Supreme Court rules on standard of care letter

The Connecticut Supreme Court recently ruled on the standard of care letter that has been required since 2005 in medical malpractice cases. That letter had been required to be from the same type of medical provider that was allegedly responsible for the malpractice.

Obtaining compensation for medical negligence

Medical negligence cases are far too common in the nation these days, including in the state of Connecticut. The number of medical facilities has increased across the state over the past few decades and this has resulted in an increase in the number of incidents of negligence. The demand for prompt medical services has increased and while coping with the pressure of providing speedy services and the industry's inherent need for increased volume and revenue, medical professionals are failing to uphold their duty of care much more frequently.

Car accident laws in Connecticut: DUI hit and run cases

It is required by Connecticut laws that when there is an accident, motor vehicle drivers involved in it must immediately stop at or near the scene of the crash. If the person has left the scene of the crash, he or she is required to return to the site as soon as possible.

Medical malpractice case alleges improper appendectomy

When someone seeks medical care, he or she expects the treatment to be up to the industry standard of care. When that standard is not met, the medical staff, including doctors, surgeons, nurses and others, may be held accountable for injuries or illness that resulted from their negligence. Connecticut victims of medical malpractice have a right to seek compensation for a variety of civil claims, just as one woman has in another state.

Man dies due to physician assistant's negligence

Medical negligence cases are frequent in Connecticut. With the increasing demand for swift medical care services, the medical industry has come up with care facilities that offer speedy medical assistance for all kinds of medical issues.

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