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Obtaining car accident records in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2014 | Car Accidents

There can be different reasons for car accidents, but one of the leading causes is distracted driving. A driver may be distracted for many reasons, including driving under the influence, driving while texting or driving while intoxicated. Connecticut authorities often evaluate various statistical data relating to car accidents in order to formulate the necessary rules for road safety.

An accident investigation into the cause of a crash is very important for Connecticut authorities. The Department of Transportation dictates that all accident investigation reports collected by authorities have to be submitted to the department as soon as possible since those records help the department to develop statistics regarding car accidents. Such logistics help the authorities to forecast and take preventative steps to help motorists avoid car accidents.

A fatality-analysis reporting system also examines the rate of car accidents, which involves fatalities. Other statistical data collected include a traffic accident surveillance report, which observes all car accident-related data for three previous relevant years.

A car accident can render a victim partially or even completely disabled. It might also cause brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which may even be fatal. The victim of a car accident may end up with significant, or even devastating, medical expenses. With legal professional help; however, a person may be able to receive compensation and monetary damages from the responsible party.

The victim of a car accident may also be able to recover damages from the automobile insurance companies. A person who is responsible for causing a car accident by violating any traffic laws or other negligent behavior may also have to face severe penalties including fines, license suspension and imprisonment.

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