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Know more about your spinal cord injury to speed up recovery

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

The abrupt impact of a collision can result in serious damage to vital body parts, including the spinal cord. In many cases, an injury to the spine is likely to result in a partial, if not permanent, disability, which can be devastating for the individual, even from a psychological perspective. This makes understanding the injury highly significant as this can help either recover from or around the disability.

A spinal cord injury, as residents of New Haven, Connecticut, might know, tends to affect any of a number of nerves that proceed along the spine to the various limbs and transfer signals to and from the brain. Thus a loss of function in the arms of legs can be one consequence of a spinal injury. The period of recovery can be long and require much external assistance, both in the form of physical aids like wheelchairs or walkers and also through psychiatric therapy to counter anxiety or depression-related problems.

In the case of a partial disability, the patient may require rehabilitation to ensure full restoration of bodily functions, which can also sometimes involve physical therapy. In the case of a total disability, the immediate family has to take a leading role in helping the patient regain a sense of self-belief and confidence in order to help the person achieve a credible lifestyle. Reinforcing the mental strength of the individual is known to make a significant difference. Our firm understands that this type of process can be very difficult and differ from person to person. That is why we tailor our approach to these types of situations for each individual, helping to accurately evaluate the situation and hopefully recover the rightful amount of compensation.

Given that auto accident victims are prone to spinal cord injuries, drivers and passengers are encouraged to educate themselves about safety features which can minimize such injuries. For instance, wearing seatbelts and ensuring that the vehicle has functioning airbags is likely to make a huge difference. Those combating or helping combat an injury can also research information on therapy and rehabilitation and thus equip themselves better.



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