Any jolt or accident that may adversely affect the head or brain may cause a brain injury. Congenital disease or injury can also lead to brain injuries. To raise awareness for the victim’s of these kinds of injuries, Connecticut authorities are pursuing several initiatives.

For example, the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut has announced their annual “Walk for Thought” on October 26th, which aims to increase awareness about brain injury. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the initiative. The awareness walk also helps in gathering funds for the alliance. Many victims of brain injury also come out for the initiative and awareness program each year. Registration for the initiative requires only a small fee.

A leading cause of brain injury is car accidents. Athletes like football players have also been found to be vulnerable to brain injuries. Brain injuries can lead to partial impairment or even total disability. The brain is the most vital organ of our body and any impairment can lead to severe repercussions. A brain injury victim may suffer various nerve-related ailments, motor sense impairment or even paralysis. Such severe injuries and impairment may also cause psychological problems including depression and anxiety.

A brain injury victim is entitled to compensation. If the victim dies because of the brain injury, his or her family may even be able to establish a wrongful death civil law suit with professional legal help. Since brain injury victims usually need regular medical care, a judge and jury may award compensation depending on the individual case.

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