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What is a spinal cord injury in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injury is a major cause for concern in Connecticut. Many spinal cord injuries may lead to severe long-term partial or total disability. Spinal cord injuries may be caused by many different sources. Two of the main causes of spinal cord injuries, head injuries and neck injuries are car accidents and sports injuries.

Spinal cord injury may be defined as any injury of the spine. The courts, however, generally do not consider congenital defects or injuries when evaluating spinal cord injury lawsuits. The spinal cord is essential to the human body. The spinal cord is situated within the spinal bone column. It consists of bundle of nerves, which emanate from the brain and then branch out peripherally. Thus, the spinal cord is the nervous system that is responsible for transmitting all brain signals to the body. Any injury or impairment of the spinal cord could seriously impair the motor and nervous systems.

While car accidents accounted for 46 percent of the spinal cord injuries, it was determined that seatbelt use reduced the injuries by 60 percent. Using a seatbelt as well as airbags, however, could reduce the severity of an injury or the injury itself by 80 percent. Males were found to be more vulnerable to spinal cord injuries. Youth under the age of 30 were found to be especially vulnerable to spinal cord injuries.

Injury to the spinal cord may lead to total or partial impairment or disability. In addition to physical impairment, spinal cord injuries can also lead to psychological impairment, including anxiety, depression and other impairment. Traumatic spinal cord injuries can also lead to exorbitant medical costs. A person may have to pay over $3 million in the event of severe injuries sustained to the spinal cord. A victim or a victim’s family may wish to consider consulting a legal professional to assist the person with filing for compensation in order to recover such damages.

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