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Understanding the seriousness of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

There are many reasons why a person may need to see a doctor and seek treatment, as residents of New Haven, Connecticut, probably understand. Often, a medical issue requires medication for a fixed amount of time, after which the patient will be well again. However, sometimes, more intensive treatment may be required. Either way, the attending doctor needs to use the doctor’s experience and make a decision about the type of therapy that is appropriate under those circumstances.

When making a decision, there is potential for the doctor to ignore, intentionally or otherwise, some aspect of the patient’s case if the cure does not work as hoped. In fact, the treatment may end up aggravating the problem or causing other complications. The doctor’s error, however inadvertent, may be fatal for the patient. From the patient’s perspective, this may be considered a case of professional misconduct, and there are laws that punish doctors for such medical malpractice, such as suspending the doctor’s license to practice medicine.

During these stressful times, one can easily feel betrayed and venerable. It is important for those in such situations to have strong legal representation behind them in order to fully explore their options. Our firm is experienced with such matters and will pursue the case and truth vigorously, investigating the case and getting to the bottom of whether or not negligence or malpractice took place. From the initial questioning to the possible appearance in court, our firm will fight for your justice.

Patients usually go to a doctor in a state of distress and they may not be able to gauge whether they have received the best care. They may sometimes be examined by someone who is filling in for the doctor, which may be considered a case of hospital negligence. That can result in a worsened medical condition. A patient who has experienced something similar may wish to visit our website, which offers relevant and valuable medical malpractice information.



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