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Tips for avoiding car accidents during the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2014 | Car Accidents

Fall has officially begun in New Haven and the rest of the country.

While this time of year is beloved by many people because of its mild temperatures and back-to-school excitement, it can also be a very dangerous time on the roadways. In fact, there are certain road hazards during the fall that are often overlooked, including the sun’s harsh glare, foggy conditions and wild animals on the move.

Here are a few of fall’s biggest threats to drivers as well as some tips for avoiding them:

Threat No. 1: More drivers, buses and students on the roadways. With school back in session, drivers need to be cautious of school buses and students who will be on the roadways in the mornings and afternoons. This means always following posted speed limits, especially in school zones or when following school buses.

Threat No. 2: Fall’s drastic weather changes can result in fog and frost. Foggy mornings are common during the fall months thanks to the lower temperatures at night. This can also result in frost and ice on the roadways during the evening and early morning hours. To prevent an accident, it’s important to slow down and use caution when fog or frost is present.

Threat No. 3: The sun’s glare can make cars and traffic signals hard to see. As you have probably noticed, the sun’s glare can make morning and evening commutes very dangerous during the fall months. Make sure to approach traffic lights and intersections carefully to make sure you are aware of your surroundings and proceed with caution in case other cars can’t see you.

Threat No. 4: Deer are more likely to run out into the roadways during the fall. Fall is mating and migrating season for deer, which means drivers must be on the lookout for deer jumping in front of their vehicles and causing accidents. This is especially a concern during the early morning and evening hours.

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