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Recovering from a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

New Haven, Connecticut, residents may be aware that the spine is a most critical area within the body. An injury to any part of the spinal cord can result in serious injuries, which can sometimes have life-altering consequences. Also, even a seemingly innocuous fall can be the cause of a spine injury. Anyone suffering from discomfort or unusual pain after a fall or an accident should therefore seek medical attention as a precaution.

There are also concerns about recovering from a spinal cord injury. Depending on the kind of injury suffered, the person may have to undergo a considerably long rehabilitation before completely recovering all bodily functions. In many cases, support devices such as walkers and wheelchairs may be required to assist with a person’s movement. These recovery procedures often also involve specialized therapists and nurses who help a person overcome any weakness from the injury, whether physical or psychological.

In some cases, unfortunately, injuries can result in a lifelong disability, with the person losing certain functions entirely. It is in such cases that therapists are most required, and also most skilled, given that the person is prone to going through severe emotional trauma, often for a long duration. Such individuals are often given counseling to help them continue with a lifestyle through which they can achieve most of their life goals.

Debilitating injuries tend to drastically alter a person’s outlook on life. Despite advances in medical technology, there is a limit to what doctors and therapists can achieve. This necessitates support from a range of sources, including the person’s own family and friends. Injured persons sometimes become withdrawn and seem unable to communicate, but it is vital that they continue to express themselves as best as possible, especially with their near and dear ones, in order to facilitate any kind of recovery.

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