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Connecticut car accident suspect charged, surrenders

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Car Accidents

Anyone living in New Haven, Connecticut, is probably aware of how frequently car accidents occur. While there are laws in place to catch drivers disobeying road regulations, there are many cases in which the negligence of one person causes a great deal of harm and grief to others. Sadly, even witnessing or reading about a car crash does not always convey the seriousness of the mistake committed by the driver responsible for the tragic accident.

A resident of Farmington, Connecticut, recently turned himself in to local police after discovering that he faced several charges, including manslaughter. The charges pertain to a head-on car collision, which occurred earlier this year and resulted in two deaths. According to police, the man was driving while intoxicated and speeding when the accident occurred. Additionally, he was also operating a vehicle even though his license was suspended.

The charges against the man indicate that the accident was most likely caused by several negligent actions. Drunk driving is not tolerated everywhere in the United States, not just in Connecticut. A license suspension is another sign that this was not the man’s first alcohol-related offense. Generally, such a suspension should have been a warning for the man to not operate his vehicle after drinking.

The fact that the deaths occurred under entirely avoidable circumstances only deepens the grief of the victims’ families. Knowing that the accident was the result of one man’s alleged negligence can also cause significant sorrow. The man’s actions may not go unpunished, but the sense persists that, despite the utmost caution a person takes, driving on the road is dangerous as long as people continue to violate traffic regulations.

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