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Multiple fatal accidents prompt lawmaker to contact DOT

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most car accidents are due to a variety of factors. While the behavior of drivers behind the wheel is often cited as a cause, the physical setting in which a crash occurs may play a role as well. For example, under some circumstances the design of a road may be to blame.

One Connecticut lawmaker is concerned that is in part to blame for multiple motor vehicle accidents on an interstate that runs through the state. The stretch of road at issue is a portion of Interstate 84 known as the “S curves.” Due to the road’s design, as well as the traffic that travels upon it, the lawmaker has requested a meeting with the state’s Department of Transportation to discuss the issue.

In support of that request the lawmaker cited multiple serious crashes that have occurred along that portion of road. Some of those accidents, including a single vehicle crash that occurred earlier this month, resulted in death. In some instances the vehicles involved–cars as well as tractor trailers–rolled over. The lawmaker stated that following the fatal crashes, “To continue to do nothing is not an option.”

Most would likely agree that a road design that is often the location of car crashes should be addressed as doing so could reduce the number of lives lost. Whether it will be taken up by the DOT remains to be seen. In the meantime, it is possible that the car crashes that occur along the portion of the road could prompt personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

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