An auto accident not only causes physical pain and suffering to a victim injured in the crash but also gives rise to a fresh set of challenges related to work, education, and in some cases, even normal day-to-day activities. While a worker can lose wages due to absences from work, a student may miss important lectures or miss submission deadlines severely affecting grades and in the process, the future prospects of that student.

One such incident where a student was injured in an auto accident, played out in Connecticut in the nearby city of Bridgeport. According to reports, a junior at Sacred Heart University was struck by a car recently when the car accident victim was crossing a street.

A 28-year-old local man drive his vehicle into the woman, seriously injuring her. Emergency crews responded to the scene, and the victim, who is reportedly a resident of New York, was taken to Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Bridgeport. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and was not immediately charged. However, a police investigation was ordered to determine the cause of the accident. The incident happened just across the street from a sorority, of which the victim is a member.

Car accidents such as these can cause a major hurdle in a young person’s life. Recovery can take a long time and often leads to a number of ancillary losses such as time at school, loss of wages due to absences from work, and hefty medical bills.

Treatment for injuries suffered in an auto accident is often expensive and even that does not guarantee full recovery if the car accident victim was seriously or critically injured. In the event of an accident, it may be wise for a victim to seek compensation. An adequate monetary settlement can at least ease the financial troubles a victim often deals with after being involved in an accident.

Source:, “Sacred Heart student struck by car, seriously injured,” Jeff Bailey, Aug. 22, 2014

Source:, “Sacred Heart student struck by car, seriously injured,” Jeff Bailey, Aug. 22, 2014