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Mothers of birth injury victims join educational movement

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2014 | Birth Injury

Birth trauma is defined as any injury that an infant suffers during labor or delivery. It may be caused by trauma suffered during a difficult delivery of a baby. It may also be an injury that is caused by post-obstetric manipulation of the fetus, used to ease the delivery process.

Pregnant women in Connecticut should know that a vitamin K injection for newborns is becoming a necessity following childbirth. Many mothers who had previously given birth to healthy children often refused to get the shots for their newborns. However, medical professionals believe that newborns can suffer seizures, brain bleeding and other health problems from insufficient vitamin K levels.

Most infants are not born with vitamin K, as the placenta does not develop it. Breast milk also does not provide the vital nutrient to the infant. The injection has become a customary shot for over 50 years. It is even available in the form of oral drops for parents who do not want an injection; however, the oral dosage is not as effective. Center for Disease Control Prevention plans to conduct an awareness program educating expectant parents about the importance of the vital injection.

The rate of birth injury or birth trauma is far too high in the United States, with the number of birth injuries ranging from 0.2 percent to as high as 37 per 1,000 births. The most commonly occurring birth injuries are scalp injuries and other injuries relating to the skeleton, as well as clavicle fractures.

In cases where the birth injuries have occurred due to doctor error or negligence by other medical personnel during delivery of the infant, the medical professionals and the hospital may be held liable for such birth injuries. In such cases, an attorney can help the parents understand their legal options.

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