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Connecticut’s teen drivers safer than most?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many Connecticut parents are fearful when their teenagers first get a driver’s license and some can’t sleep until they know their teens are home safe for the night. While teenagers might not agree, the worrying is for good reason as car accidents are the No. 1 cause of death among young people in the United States.

The good news for Connecticut parents is that a report issued last month concludes that the Land of Steady Habits ranks No. 3 for states with the lowest teen driving fatality rates. The report was conducted  by a personal finance website which used accident statistics and other data to rank states from best to worst when it comes to teen driving. 

Overall, the report said South Dakota and Mississippi ranked at the bottom for teen drivers after considering issues such as the rate teens are busted for traffic violations and drunk driving, the number of teen drivers per capita, the state’s traffic laws, and costs of repairs and car service.

On the other end of the spectrum, the report indicated that New York and Hawaii ranked as the two best states for teen drivers considering all of the factors named above. When looking at teen fatalities alone, Indiana and Kentucky had the worst teen driver fatality rate, while Utah and Delaware had the best — and Connecticut came in third.

Now Connecticut parents can rest a little easier knowing that their state ranks low when it comes to teen highway fatalities, but it’s still important to talk to teen drivers about safe driving habits. A tragic accident involving a distracted driver, a texting driver or a drunk driver can happen anytime.

Source: WBNS-10TV, “Ranked: The Best & Worst States For Teen Drivers,” June 18, 2014



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