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July 2014 Archives

Medical malpractice case adds twist to laws for same-sex couples

It is always a traumatic experience to see a loved one suffer due to the error of a medical care provider. While the emotional distress can never be recompensed, there are legal measures to make sure that such professional negligence does not go unpunished. Such laws help guarantee that when a caregiver is consulted, they take up their task as carefully as needed and do their best to provide patients adequate care. However, these legal remedies are apparently not available to everyone, as a recent case adjudicated by a Connecticut Supreme Court reveals.

Hospital testing new medication for brain trauma cases

It is perhaps known to all New Haven, Connecticut, residents that the most sensitive area of the human body is the uppermost part of the body, from the neck to the skull. Injuries to this region are not easy to diagnose, with many people continuing to suffer for a long time without the damage being detected, or some people even losing their lives from the inability or failure to diagnose and properly treat the injury. As per an estimate, head injuries are the biggest reason for the deaths of people aged 40 and under.

Malpractice claim filed after amputation of man's penis

There is little doubt that most surgeries have risks. However, the risks are usually explained in great detail to you beforehand. Some people may choose not to have a surgery because of the risks, but there are some surgeries that are considered "routine." A circumcision is one of the surgeries.

Drivers admitted to hospital after Columbia car crash

Drivers everywhere, not just in New Haven, Connecticut, are expected to drive safely at all times. The rules of the road are often based on the primary assumption that no driver would willingly allow a vehicle to drift between lanes and endanger the lives of other people on the road.

Childhood CT scans to search for symptoms avoidable

Seeing children get injured in an accident is a horrific experience, as anyone in New Haven, Connecticut, would agree. Children are often unable to describe their injuries, making diagnosis difficult and requiring doctors to take all measures available at their disposal to determine the severity of the child's injuries. This is especially true of a brain injury, where the damage is often internal and not immediately obvious.

Medical malpractice case filed after surgical error

When someone has surgery in Connecticut, it's a stressful time for the family and the patient. There are risks with any surgery, but when the surgical team commits a surgical error, it's a risk that the patient and the family don't expect. Medical malpractice lawsuits are often the result of such errors.

Medical malpractice alleged at Rikers Island

When someone is in the custody of law enforcement, he or she has a right to medical treatment. If that treatment is not received and an inmate’s condition worsens or even becomes fatal, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be able to recoup damages such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma, wrongful death or even final expenses. For one woman in jail in Connecticut’s neighboring state of New York, a lack of medical treatment allegedly led to her death.

Naugatuck auto accident leaves one seriously injured

To most folks in New Haven, Connecticut, the idea of road rules is only connected with the actual driving of one's vehicle on public roads. Sticking to the speed limit, driving within one's lane and stopping at traffic lights, these are usually thought of norms during driving. Nonetheless, care is also required, no matter where the vehicle is being operated. Often, the most horrific car accidents can happen on one's own street, which usually are the most frequently navigated.

Missed lung cancer diagnosis prompts medical malpractice verdict

When people in Connecticut and across the country seek out medical treatment, they expect their physicians to diagnosis their condition correctly. In addition, proper treatment is expected, as well as any necessary follow-up care. When there is a failure to diagnose a condition or disease -- especially one that is potentially fatal -- the physicians, other medical staff and the hospital or clinic may be held liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Misdiagnosed cancer victim compensated for medical malpractice

Medical malpractice or medical negligence is defined as any act or omission by a doctor or medical practitioner who, by digressing from the usual medical practices, causes injury to the victim. Numerous medical malpractice lawsuits are filed in the United States every year, with victims of medical negligence often suffering severe disabilities and exorbitant medical expenses.

Robotic leg approved by FDA for spinal cord injury victims

Any Connecticut resident who has suffered an injury to their spine, knows how dramatically it can affect their daily lives. A spinal cord injury is any injury caused by a jolt or impact to the spinal cord of the victim. The severity of the injury or disability may be determined by the degree of impact and the location where the spinal cord is injured. In many cases, spinal cord injuries render a victim temporarily or permanently paralyzed. Spinal cord injuries impair the neurological functioning of the affected nerves and may cause additional long term effects. Victims often suffer psychological side effects as well.

Connecticut's teen drivers safer than most?

Many Connecticut parents are fearful when their teenagers first get a driver’s license and some can’t sleep until they know their teens are home safe for the night. While teenagers might not agree, the worrying is for good reason as car accidents are the No. 1 cause of death among young people in the United States.

New helmet tests to protect from brain injury

Traumatic brain injury is any jolt or blow to the head causing injury to the brain. It may lead to temporary or permanent disability, and in severe cases can be fatal. While car accidents are one of the more common causes, sports athletes are also highly susceptible to traumatic brain injuries.

Mothers of birth injury victims join educational movement

Birth trauma is defined as any injury that an infant suffers during labor or delivery. It may be caused by trauma suffered during a difficult delivery of a baby. It may also be an injury that is caused by post-obstetric manipulation of the fetus, used to ease the delivery process.

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