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We represent Connecticut victims of intersection accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Car Accidents

Our firm has represented countless Connecticut victims of car accidents since 1988. Therefore, we know a lot about why car accidents happen and how to hold negligent drivers responsible for causing them.

One of the most common places car accidents occur is at intersections. Vehicles are approaching from different directions and angles, and there are many factors that must be assessed, including pedestrians, traffic lights, traffic signs and other motorists. When drivers neglect even just one of these factors, a serious accident can result. 

When we handle a case resulting from a car accident that took place at an intersection, we know that there are certain questions that must be asked.

First, we must establish which driver had right of way. Although not always easy, this can be determined through evidence such as police reports, witness statements, cameras and traffic laws.

If the intersection was uncontrolled, we need to figure out who was at fault. For example, if the traffic lights were not working because of a power outage, the power company may be responsible if they didn’t respond soon enough.

If the accident occurred during sunrise, sunset or at night, we also explore the role lighting played in the accident. This is especially true if our client appears to be at fault.

Details like this play a very important role in cases involving car accidents at intersections, which is why we make sure to gather all evidence possible before taking the next steps in a case. Evidence can make all of the difference when negotiating and litigating the case.

To find out more about how our firm assists victims of intersection accidents — whether they involve cars, trucks, motorcycles or pedestrians — please visit our New Haven Dangerous Intersection Accidents Attorneys page.



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