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Connecticut officials target commercial vehicle safety

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Anyone who has been involved in a collision with a truck or another large commercial vehicle knows how catastrophic the results can be. Sadly, individuals are often killed or seriously injured in trucking accidents because a small passenger vehicle is no match for a large and powerful truck.

All too often, commercial truck drivers are operating on too little of sleep and are working under strict deadlines. They often make poor driving decisions or fall asleep behind the wheel as a result, putting the public at risk.

For these reasons, the trucking industry is regulated heavily by the state and federal governments. Starting today, Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles and State Police are participating in a three-day campaign to enforce commercial vehicle safety.

The national campaign, known as “Roadcheck 2014,” will include spot checks on potentially unsafe trucks, increased traffic enforcement on commercial vehicles and efforts to raise awareness on the importance of truck safety.

In addition to the trucking industry, the Roadcheck campaign will also focus on the charter bus industry, which has also been associated with many fatal accidents over the years.

“Our State Troopers and DMV Safety Enforcement Officers will ensure that commercial vehicles and buses are safe to travel on our roads for the protection of all,” said the commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

The commissioner of the state DMV added that drivers and companies who are found in violation of “critical safety laws and regulations will face serious consequences, such as fines and out-of-service orders for vehicles and drivers.”

In addition to facing fines and other punishments, drivers and their employers can also face liability in personal injury lawsuits stemming from truck accidents. Hopefully, these potential consequences are reason enough for commercial vehicle drivers and their employers to put safety first.

Source: The Middletown Press, “Connecticut State Police, DMV begin truck-safety enforcement blitz,” June 3, 2014



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