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Reminder: Watch for pedestrians on Connecticut roads

On Behalf of | May 15, 2014 | Car Accidents

By spring each year, many motorists have forgotten how to share the road with pedestrians, which unfortunately results in accidents that can easily leave pedestrians seriously injured or killed.

Because warm temperatures have finally arrived and there is much more foot-traffic on New Haven’s sidewalks and roads, let’s revisit some safety tips for pedestrians and drivers, which we discussed at length in a recent article on our website:

For pedestrians:

Always use the sidewalk when possible. This greatly decreases the likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

Look carefully both ways before crossing the street. Although this sounds basic, many people don’t look for cars or assume that they are seen by drivers.

Wear bright, reflective clothing, especially after dusk. This can help drivers see pedestrians who might otherwise be non-visible until it’s too late.

Avoid distractions such as electronic devices, especially when crossing the street. Just like distraction is a problem among drivers, many pedestrians have been injured by simply not paying attention.

Stay in designated crosswalks. Crosswalks are clearly marked so that drivers have an easier time seeing pedestrians.

For drivers:

Avoid distractions, especially in areas with high foot-traffic such as school zones and parking lots. Pedestrian accidents are common in places like this, caused by drivers who are not paying attention.

Don’t drive too fast for the road conditions. Drivers need to alter their speed for the conditions, such as if it is raining or dark outside.

Remember to share the road with all pedestrians, bicyclists and other non-motorists. We all have a right to use Connecticut’s roads.

After a serious pedestrian accident takes place, an investigation is often needed to determine who is at fault and whether the victims are entitled to damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer can make sure that rights and interests of pedestrian accident victims are protected during this process.



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