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New York woman loses legs in bungled hospital procedure

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Medical errors are frequent occurrences in Connecticut and around the country. Unfortunately, poor medical care that results in serious personal injury or death can and does occur in all forms of medicine and nursing. Any lawsuit that seeks damages because of negligent care and treatment by a health care provider is generally referred to as a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Recently, a New York judge upheld a $62 million verdict awarded to a New York single mother who lost both of her legs in a bungled hospital procedure. The 33-year-old mother went to the hospital for the laparoscopic removal of an ectopic pregnancy. According to reports, during the procedure, her colon was punctured and her heart stopped three times. She also almost died from a severe infection. In addition to having her legs amputated, she also experienced loss of hearing as a result of the faulty procedure.

Last January, the jury found the hospital and the doctors involved responsible for the mother’s injury, due to medical negligence. The lawyers for the hospital and doctors filed a motion requesting a new trial arguing the verdict was counter to the evidence. However, a state Supreme Court justice disagreed and upheld the verdict. According to reports, the judge said the evidence reinforced the verdict. The evidence showed that the doctors were liable and the mother should receive compensation.

In this case, it was proven that the actions of a health care provider fell below the required standard of care. The jury found the health care provider negligent, the negligence caused the injury, and the defendant sustained a loss or damages as a result of that injury.

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