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Connecticut patients risk safety to find local medical marijuana

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Patient Safety

Even though marijuana is legal in Connecticut and has been for two years, there are no marijuana dispensaries from which to purchase it legally. A Connecticut woman told a local news reporter recently that she has to get the much needed drug from illegal drug dealers. Unfortunately, the woman, who is also a lymphoma patient, can only turn to the streets to buy the medical marijuana she needs to withstand chemotherapy.

When Connecticut made the sale of medical marijuana legal two years ago, the woman was given a card from the state allowing her to buy a maximum of 2.5 ounces a month, but all plans to build dispensaries in Connecticut have been thwarted because people do not want them in the neighborhoods. The woman reportedly said she would not take anyone with her to buy the drug from dealers because it would not be safe.

She would like to obtain it from a trusted pharmacist so she would feel confident that she knew where the marijuana was coming from. Not knowing what exactly is in the marijuana someone is smoking could be very dangerous. Even pediatricians could dispense it legally if they have the proper, legal license.

Government officials said that a plan to build a legitimate dispensary in a former library was not accepted. Residents did not like that it was so close to a low-income housing development next door. Officials said that since the dispensary idea is rather new, no one knows what to expect, and residents are nervous about several factors. Proponents of marijuana dispensaries reportedly said that they would not give up the cause and would appeal the permission to build.

If an individual is a medical marijuana patient in the state of Connecticut, it is prudent to be familiar not only with what is permitted under the Connecticut law but also what the limitations are.

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