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Connecticut mother finds mold floating in juice boxes

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Product Safety

Many parents in Connecticut give a juice box to their kids either at home or packed in a school lunch. Recently, a local Connecticut mother reported an alarming discovery when she found mold in a well-known brand of juice boxes. The incident occurred when she was about to give her daughter some juice. Luckily, she cut open the pouch and poured the juice into a sippy cup. The mother then found the mold floating in the juice she was just about to serve her daughter.

The mother was reportedly very concerned about this dangerous food product, and she contacted the company who makes it to report the issue. After about a month, she received some coupons and a letter of apology. The mother was reputed to very upset about the company’s response. Feeling the company was undisturbed about the incident, the mother said she contacted a local health organization to take action.

The organization had the substance tested and confirmed it was indeed mold, but no further action was taken after that. A local news program brought it to the attention of the Connecticut Poison Control Center. Officials from the center said that other dangerous things, like bacterial food poisoning, could grow in one of those juice containers as well. Reportedly, the company that makes the juice boxes will now be manufacturing the containers with clear bottoms. That way, according to the company, consumers can examine the juice before drinking it.

There are many different diseases that humans can acquire through the consumption of food, water or beverage items that are contaminated. Many types of foodborne illness are caused by bacteria, which can make someone very sick. Connecticut residents who think they may have consumed an unsafe product, should call the Connecticut Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

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