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May 2014 Archives

Driver rear-ends parked school bus in Hamden, injuring 3

Car accidents happen every day in Connecticut just like elsewhere in the United States. Each year, more than two million people are treated for injuries from car accidents across the country. The causes of car accidents vary but include drunken driving, distracted driving and improper vehicular maintenance.

What to do after a car accident in Connecticut (2 of 2)

Welcome back. In the first post, we began discussing tips on what to do and what not to do following a car accident in Connecticut. While we will all be involved in at least one car accident in our lives, the truth is that many of us aren't sure of the steps that should be taken to preserve our rights and interests.

New York woman loses legs in bungled hospital procedure

Medical errors are frequent occurrences in Connecticut and around the country. Unfortunately, poor medical care that results in serious personal injury or death can and does occur in all forms of medicine and nursing. Any lawsuit that seeks damages because of negligent care and treatment by a health care provider is generally referred to as a medical malpractice lawsuit.

State board suspends dentist's license after patient dies

Every year, thousands of medical malpractice lawsuits are filed in the United States, including in Connecticut. Medical malpractice is considered to be any action that deviates from the standard practice of care and results in injury to a patient. To prove medical malpractice, a victim or surviving family members must prove that the patient was injured or died from negligence on the part of the medical practitioner caring for that patient.

What to do after a car accident in Connecticut (1 of 2)

We have all been driving down the road and seen damaged vehicles on the shoulder with distraught drivers standing nearby. However, the truth is that many of us have no idea what to do or what not to do in this situation.

Hartford man injured in Farmington car collision still serious

The trauma of an auto accident is probably familiar to most New Haven, Connecticut residents, although possibly not through first-hand experience. No matter what the circumstances of the car crash, the first concern is for the physical well-being of the drivers, given that fatalities are highly likely. Even non-fatal accidents can have long-term injuries to the drivers and passengers involved. The emotional suffering of relatives and loved ones can also be considerable, especially if the accident is a result of negligence. When an accident results in legal wrangling over liability, such suffering can be pronounced as well as prolonged.

Connecticut driver looks away momentarily and hits school bus

A Connecticut driver may be following another vehicle far too closely if he or she would not be able to avoid a collision if the other driver brakes suddenly or is stopped. The driver should provide enough stopping time between motor vehicles in order to avoid a citation for following too closely.

If you've been in an accident with an uninsured motorist

While Connecticut law requires all motorists to carry liability car insurance, there are unfortunately many drivers who do not follow the law. Of course, just your luck, you happen to be involved in an accident with one of them.

New York woman sues hospital after forcibly undergoing cesarean

Today, it is possible for Americans who are about to go through a medical procedure to first study their options and make a conscious choice. Also, whether in New Haven, Connecticut, or elsewhere, doctors are aware that patients today are better informed than ever, thanks to the Internet. It can therefore be quite a shock when, despite being aware of all the research, patients are denied any choice whatsoever regarding the care options available to them. While it may be thought that the doctor, being a specialist, might understand better the positives and negatives of the various options, this is unfortunately not always the case.

Connecticut police launch 'Click it or Ticket' campaign

Connecticut law enforcement has joined a nationwide effort to encourage motorists to wear their seatbelts. The well-established "Click it or Ticket" campaign will be in full force from now until June 1 and could result in an expensive fine for Connecticut motorists who are caught unbuckled.

Daily conversations help fight effects of brain injury

Most New Haven, Connecticut, residents know that a head injury can be damaging in a number of ways. Despite seeming to be a bony, well-protected part of the body, the skull and the brain inside are as prone to injury as, for instance, any of the joints. Often, brain damage is hardly, if at all, visible. A brain injury can cause anything from mild disorientation to a permanent disability. Detecting such injuries can also be problematic since they can be caused by mild impact and not just major collisions.

North Branford truck and car collide leaving 1 dead

Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle knows that driving has many inherent risks. Driving well is a combination of knowing a vehicle's handling ability and estimating another motorist's driving ability. The risks of an accident are never completely eliminated and the possibility of an unexpected event on a roadway always causes concern. Experienced drivers learn to compensate for such surprises. But experience does not eliminate the shock and sadness of a fatality on the road, no matter what the reason for the car accident or who may be responsible.

Connecticut mother finds mold floating in juice boxes

Many parents in Connecticut give a juice box to their kids either at home or packed in a school lunch. Recently, a local Connecticut mother reported an alarming discovery when she found mold in a well-known brand of juice boxes. The incident occurred when she was about to give her daughter some juice. Luckily, she cut open the pouch and poured the juice into a sippy cup. The mother then found the mold floating in the juice she was just about to serve her daughter.

Hospitals employ new measures to cut medical malpractice costs

Many hospitals in New Haven and the rest of Connecticut are witnessing a decline as far as medical malpractice insurance expenses are concerned. Healthcare professionals and executives say that it is explainable in part by improving patient outcomes and avoiding expensive medical errors. Just one decade ago, the state's healthcare industry was under siege from rising malpractice insurance costs.

Connecticut lawmakers approve ignition interlock bill

Connecticut lawmakers hope that a new bill will reduce the number of drunk driving accidents in the state by requiring even first-time offenders to install ignition interlock devices on their primary vehicles.

Traumatic brain injury a leading cause of death in the U.S.

Statistics indicate that New Haven, Connecticut, records the largest number of motor vehicle fatalities in the state. Combined with the fact that motor vehicle crashes are found to be one of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury related deaths, the New Haven area may possibly lead the state in these types of injuries as well.

Connecticut patients risk safety to find local medical marijuana

Even though marijuana is legal in Connecticut and has been for two years, there are no marijuana dispensaries from which to purchase it legally. A Connecticut woman told a local news reporter recently that she has to get the much needed drug from illegal drug dealers. Unfortunately, the woman, who is also a lymphoma patient, can only turn to the streets to buy the medical marijuana she needs to withstand chemotherapy.

Ped and bicycle accidents will continue even with new law

Last week, we discussed a Connecticut bill that will likely soon become law after the governor grants its final approval. The bill increases the penalties for motor vehicle drivers who seriously injure or kill "vulnerable users" on the state's roads, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Alleged drunk driver in fatal car crash faces additional charges

All motorists in New Haven, Connecticut, should observe traffic rules and exercise care when driving. Although driving sober is risky enough, other drivers fail to recognize the risks of driving under the influence.

New law to protect Connecticut pedestrians and bicyclists

Many pedestrians and bicyclists are injured each year in Connecticut as a result of inattentive drivers or drivers who fail yield to the right of way. However, a new bill that will likely soon become law holds drivers who fail to use “reasonable care” responsible for accidents that that they cause.

Connecticut woman arrested in connection with hit-and-run

When a person does not stop after a collision, it is a "hit-and-run" accident and can have serious consequences that can vary from fines to prison time. It usually depends on the severity of the accident and if the person has a prior criminal record. Connecticut police said they responded to an accident scene one night after callers reported a 70-year-old woman who was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross the street.

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