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Severe neck injury can also injure the spinal cord

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

As many New Haven, Connecticut, residents are aware, the spinal cord bridges many parts of the human body to the brain, helping the whole body function precisely. Trauma to the head and neck can also injure the brain and spinal cord. Any injury to the spinal cord or the brain can significantly alter the quality of a person’s life. To reduce that risk, Connecticutters should educate themselves on common symptoms that may suggest the need for immediate medical care.

Neck injury often happens because of daily physical stress, overuse or sudden impact. Severe neck injury frequently results from external pressure applied to the neck. Common events that can lead to external pressure include sports-related injuries, a blow to the neck or head and whiplash from a car accident. A serious neck injury can result in spinal cord injury, too.

Meanwhile, head injuries can occur because of trauma to the brain, skull or scalp, which can be precarious. The most common type of head injury is a concussion, which happen when enough force is applied to the head so the brain bounces against the skull. A concussion can disrupt normal brain function and can have lasting effects to physical and cognitive health.

In each of these instances, Connecticutters will want to get immediate medical attention.

Once medical care has been taken care of, a victim suffering from spinal cord or brain injury may want to consider holding the negligent party liable by filing a personal injury lawsuit. A successful lawsuit can provide compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress and other damages. A legal professional can help a victim file the claim to ensure that the victim will receive the compensation he or she rightfully deserves.

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