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Connecticut senator wants stronger warning to not use recall cars

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2014 | Product Safety

Hundreds of auto recalls happen every year. When recalls are announced, that means manufacturers realized that something is wrong with their cars and consumers could be at risk. A Connecticut senator has recently urged car company General Motors to communicate a stronger warning to the owners of close to 1.6 million cars, including a suggestion that people who own the cars to not use them.

GM has sent recall announcements to owners of the specific 2005-07 Chevrolet Cobalts, 2003-07 Saturn Ions and other vehicles affected. The senator reportedly looked over the language of many of the recall notices, and he thought it was not strong enough of a warning to consumers.

The vehicles in question have a potentially faulty ignition switch that can be bumped out of position, possibly stopping the inflation of the airbags. GM has reportedly urged motor vehicle service departments to inform customers that they should use the ignition key only until replacement parts are available and installed. However, the company has not advised against operating the cars.

The Connecticut senator reportedly is also trying to push the U.S. attorney general to force GM to create a fund to compensate people affected by the vehicles that were recalled. In a letter to GM, the senator stated that the company has an obligation to the victims who suffered injuries or damages from the defects of their cars.

Automakers have legal and ethical duties to make vehicles that are safe. When manufacturers fail to do so, consumers have the right to hold them liable for their negligence. If an injury was caused by an auto company’s error, victims have the right to hold that company legally liable for their injuries and financial losses connected with the accident.

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