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April 2014 Archives

Outpatient clinics may likely incur misdiagnosis, study says

Many people in New Haven, Connecticut, rely on their doctors and other healthcare providers when it comes to their medical needs. Unfortunately, medical errors can occur anywhere between diagnosis and treatment, which can result in serious repercussions to patients and their families.

Car accident injures six people near New Haven

Driving an automobile requires one's utmost attention because any wrong move can put the safety of many others at risk. Many New Haven, Connecticut, drivers are aware of these risks in the road; however, there are still others who fail to exercise caution while driving.

Brain injury can affect children's social skills and health

The brain is that all important part of the human body that helps process most of its normal physical functions. However, residents of New Haven, Connecticut, should be concerned about a new study that suggests that there could be a link between brain damage and poor social skills in children.

You were injured by a distracted driver, now what?

The past couple of posts on our blog have discussed teen drivers, including Connecticut's graduated driver licensing (GDL) program for beginning drivers and the prevalence of cellphone use while driving among teens.

Connecticut Saturn owners on alert, another GM recall delayed

Consumers in Connecticut are most probably following the General Motors car recall in the news reagrding ignition switch problems. An automobile recall can be initiated by an automaker or imposed by the government. According to documents released recently, another delay was showed by GM in recalling unsafe cars. The documents also illustrate that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reacted inactively to the safety situation despite being warned by consumers and through warranty information given in by the company.

New treatment gives hope to patients with spinal cord injuries

Medical breakthroughs often give hope to people suffering from catastrophic injuries and illnesses in the United States, including those in Connecticut. A person suffering paralysis from a spinal cord injury, for instance, might soon be able to take advantage of possible new treatments to regain mobility.

Cardiologists reduce medical malpractice liability risk

Connecticut residents go to doctors and use medical technology every day. A medical device should never be given to a patient unless it is meticulously examined. When a medical device manufacturer or pharmaceutical company fails to make a safe drug or device, injuries and even death can occur.

New guidelines aim to curb brain-related birth injuries

Many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, know that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. That is the reason why many expectant parents choose to give birth under the supervision of medical professionals. Unfortunately, childbirth poses many risks to the well-being of the child and the mother.

Sponges left in surgical patients spur medical malpractice claims

Every medical procedure comes with some risk but when an error occurs during an operation, it can have a negative effect on the patient, causing a medical condition to worsen or lead to a patient's death. Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, should be concerned because "never events"-or those medical mistakes that should never happen-can occur.

Pedestrians as 'vulnerable road users," part 2: steps to be taken

In the first part of this post, we introduced the term "vulnerable road users." This is the term given by safety regulators to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists - all of whom are at risk of serious or even fatal injuries from cars and trucks.

School bus accident leaves Connecticut educator dead

Morning rush hour in Hartford, Connecticut, can clog the roads with cars and school buses. Increased traffic increases the likelihood of car accidents caused by different factors, including negligence, potentially resulting in devastating outcomes.

Car careens into Connecticut gas station, injures 4

Car accidents cause injury and death in Connecticut and around the country on a daily basis. Too often, injuries and fatalities in automobile accidents are caused by reckless driving involving drinking. Those who are caught recklessly operating a motor vehicle will likely have to deal with serious consequences. Alcohol can severely inhibit the motor functions of individuals and decrease their ability to drive a car safely.

Water birth poses birth injury risks, according to experts

A safe delivery for mother and baby is usually the main concern of expectant New Haven, Connecticut, parents. So selecting the delivery method is not always easy. Doctors and other medical professionals can provide sound advice, but like any other medical procedure, any method used to deliver a baby comes with costs and risks.

Connecticut senator wants stronger warning to not use recall cars

Hundreds of auto recalls happen every year. When recalls are announced, that means manufacturers realized that something is wrong with their cars and consumers could be at risk. A Connecticut senator has recently urged car company General Motors to communicate a stronger warning to the owners of close to 1.6 million cars, including a suggestion that people who own the cars to not use them.

Severe neck injury can also injure the spinal cord

As many New Haven, Connecticut, residents are aware, the spinal cord bridges many parts of the human body to the brain, helping the whole body function precisely. Trauma to the head and neck can also injure the brain and spinal cord. Any injury to the spinal cord or the brain can significantly alter the quality of a person's life. To reduce that risk, Connecticutters should educate themselves on common symptoms that may suggest the need for immediate medical care.

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