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Medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $1.9 million after baby dies

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2014 | Birth Injury

Having a child is one of the most cherished wishes for many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, and when they do, the expectant parents rely on hospitals and doctors to provide quality natal care. Unfortunately, some medical service providers fall short of these expectations.

After the death of her premature baby, a woman from Oregon has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against her doctor and other defendants. The woman alleges that the physician failed to provide medication, which could have delayed her son’s birth. According to the lawsuit, the 6½-month pregnant woman went to the hospital with signs that she was in early labor. Results of the baby’s ultrasound revealed that he had a normal, regular heartbeat.

The woman was transported to a medical center after waiting more than seven hours in the hospital. The medical staff performed a Caesarean section within an hour after arriving but the baby boy died immediately.

The lawsuit contends that the defendants failed to provide her medications to delay labor and monitor her baby in the last 2 ½ hours she was in the hospital. In addition, she is also suing the doctor who performed the C-section for causing her to undergo a T-incision, which increased her risk to uterine rupture and future pregnancy problems. She is seeking $1.9 million in compensation for damages.

Pregnancy is often associated with substantial costs and birth injury risks. Medications and constant monitoring can help reduce the risks associated with childbirth. If a doctor or the medical staff fails to maintain a high level of care, it could result in serious or fatal injuries to the newborn child and the mother, which can cause pain and suffering, extensive medical costs and other damages. If negligence is a factor in the development of birth injuries, the baby’s family may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation.

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