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Jury awards $11.3 million in birth brain injury lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Brain Injury

Many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, rely on the expertise of doctors and medical staff during emergencies. Unfortunately, when medical professionals fail to address the medical needs of their patients promptly, they put their health at risk.

Recently, a jury awarded $11.3 million to a girl who suffered brain damage due to hospital and doctor negligence. The child was born in 2006 but a few days after her birth, her parents reported that the child was having difficulty breathing. Their pediatrician advised the parents to proceed to the hospital.

According to the lawsuit, the hospital and two doctors failed to examine the baby promptly and the parents waited for hours in the emergency room watching their infant fight for her life.

By the time doctors checked the baby, she had already turned blue and her body temperature had dropped significantly. It took two days before doctors diagnosed the child’s heart defect. She was transferred to a hospital where she underwent a surgery to correct a twisted aorta, which restored normal blood flow. The lack of oxygen due to the blocked blood vessel caused permanent brain injury, leaving her disabled.

Brain injury can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Aside from emotional distress to those who care for a brain-damaged patient, brain injury can substantially impair cognitive health and result in financial difficulties due to medical treatment costs. Brain damage can also influence a person’s ability to perform even the most basic of physical tasks.

Brain trauma can result from an auto accident, a fall or medical error. Negligence can play a role as to why those events occurred to cause the damage. If a negligent party, such as a doctor or medical staff, causes brain injury, the victim has the right to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit or negotiating a settlement.

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