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Connecticut teacher hit by car still critical

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A parent had just dropped off children at the local middle school and was attempting to leave when the driver somehow found his or her way into the area that is designated for bus drop-offs. Since buses were coming in at the time, the parent tried to get out of the way, throwing the car into reverse and attempting to back out and leave the school.

Unfortunately, a teacher was walking through the parking lot at the time, and she was struck by the car as it backed up. The driver apparently did not see her behind the vehicle, perhaps because of the confusion of the situation. The motor vehicle accident knocked the woman to the ground, where she suffered a fracture to her skull.

The teacher was immediately flown to the hospital in order to receive care, and she was initially listed as being in critical condition because the fracture was causing bleeding on her brain. She has remained in that condition as doctors strive to relieve the pressure. The good news is that her condition has not gotten worse, but she is also not recovering as quickly as the medical team would like.

The police have reported that they are continuing to investigate the accident, looking into what happened and what circumstances led to the accident to see for certain who was to blame. They towed the car from the scene to use as evidence.

When an auto accident results in a personal injury, medical bills can be tremendously expensive. This is especially true for those who need intensive care and who have to stay in the hospital for multiple days. All people have a right to safety as it relates to other drivers and to medical care when those drivers cause accidents that are unexpected, and they can therefore seek compensation and payment of medical bills.

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