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March 2014 Archives

Brain Injury Awareness Month to inform public of TBI dangers

March's designation as Brain Injury Awareness Month is meant to inform the public about brain injury as one of the leading causes of disability and death across the United States, including in Connecticut.

Connecticut teacher hit by car still critical

A parent had just dropped off children at the local middle school and was attempting to leave when the driver somehow found his or her way into the area that is designated for bus drop-offs. Since buses were coming in at the time, the parent tried to get out of the way, throwing the car into reverse and attempting to back out and leave the school.

Study finds nursing home negligence risks the health of elderly

Many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, depend on nursing homes to look after their elderly loved ones and finding the services of a good senior care facility is often a difficult and costly decision. Unfortunately, some nursing homes fail to provide a high standard of care, which can compromise the safety of their residents.

Alleged impaired driver causes car accident in Connecticut

Drunk or drugged driving is a serious offense in Connecticut that can result in criminal and civil liabilities. Many New Haven drivers know that drunk driving increases the likelihood of an accident because alcohol affects a driver's focus and reaction time to a precarious road situation.

Long Island hospital may have exposed 4,000 patients to disease

Every so often, patients in Connecticut turn to hospitals and surgical facilities for treatment locally and around the area. Unfortunately, the quality of care provided at one hospital can be drastically different from what is provided at another hospital. If a hospital makes an error, it can result in serious injuries, or even death, for the patient.

Jury awards $11.3 million in birth brain injury lawsuit

Many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, rely on the expertise of doctors and medical staff during emergencies. Unfortunately, when medical professionals fail to address the medical needs of their patients promptly, they put their health at risk.

Spinal cord injury more likely after the elderly fall

The spinal cord is an incredible marvel that allows the human race to carry out its day-to-day activities. However, an injury to the spinal cord can cause severe adverse impacts and may result in disability. Unfortunately, people of any age can sustain spinal cord injury ("SCI") because of accidents caused by the negligence of others.

Connecticut bill would create list of chemicals dangerous to kids

As parents in Connecticut know, they must always be watchful of the toys that they buy their children. Whether the toy contains small parts or a questionable chemical, consumers must be aware of the possible dangers in items they buy. While some retailers have taken steps to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in consumer products, consumer advocate groups still find high levels of dangerous chemicals in common household, outdoor and children's products. Consumers deserve a right-to-know about toxic chemicals in the products they buy.

Medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $1.9 million after baby dies

Having a child is one of the most cherished wishes for many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, and when they do, the expectant parents rely on hospitals and doctors to provide quality natal care. Unfortunately, some medical service providers fall short of these expectations.

Delayed or misdiagnosis contributes to cancer-related death

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that continues to bring fear to Americans, including those in New Haven, Connecticut. However, some experts suggested that early detection of cancer may increase the chance of survival. This might be possible if a doctor diagnoses the potential cancer in time.

Connecticut car crash kills 2, injures 1

People speed down the streets and highways of Connecticut much too often. Excessive speed not only lessens the amount of reaction time but also decreases the ability to control the motor vehicle and increases the chance for fatalities.

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