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Connecticut’s Route 1 named most hazardous road

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic signals, speed limit signs and lights help direct the flow of traffic to provide direction and avoid accidents. Reckless and distracted driving in Connecticut and all throughout the U.S. is a frequent cause of car accidents and a major traffic violation. One must be very careful if he or she is a pedestrian as well. People who choose to walk on busy roads should abide by the traffic rules and always use crosswalks.

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, an organization committed to reducing car dependency in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York recently came out with its 2010-2012 report. The organization singled out Route 1 in Connecticut as the most hazardous road for pedestrians for six years straight.

More than 100 pedestrians were killed on Connecticut roads from 2010-2012. During that time frame, 11 people were killed specifically on Route 1. According to reports, many pedestrian accidents happened on Route 1 to people who are simply walking or riding bikes, at any time of the day. That road also divides into four lanes, which adds to the danger.

According to the organization, Route 44, which spans from New York to Rhode Island, was number two on the list. Four pedestrians were killed on it during 2010-2012.

If you are the pedestrian, always be cognizant of traffic and anything else around you, including fallen branches, debris and even snow. If possible, try to shorten the time spent walking in congested areas with several lanes of traffic. Wear light color clothing as well. Pay attention and concentrate when walking, especially at night. All drivers must be held accountable for their actions. However, as a pedestrian, one needs to be alert as well and not take unnecessary risks.

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