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Connecticut-based sandwich company to eliminate chemical in bread

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Product Safety

The Connecticut-based sandwich chain Subway is under fire from a food blogger who began a campaign recently to request that the company remove a chemical from its bread that the blogger said is also used to manufacture shoe rubber and yoga mats.

There are many chemicals allowed in food that perform many functions, including preventing spoilage, enhancing the taste or appearance of food, and packaging the products. People buy these consumer goods every day, not always aware of what is in the food they eat.

Subway reportedly has announced that they are starting the process to eliminate the chemical, called azodicarbonamide, from its bread. Experts said that this chemical is utilized to bleach and improve the flour in certain breads. According to the World Health Organization, the chemical is chiefly used to induce the foaming process in plastics and rubber. According to the WHO, it is prohibited to use the chemical for food manufacturing in Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, but not in the United States.

The organization also announced that studies have shown that those who were around the chemical could get respiratory issues as well as skin irritation. It was also reported that the chemical could, under certain conditions, change into another chemical called semicarbazide, which is known to cause cancer in mice.

It is prudent that people make an effort to know what is in the food they eat. Subway officials stated that even though the chemical is a USDA and FDA sanctioned ingredient, the company will remove the substance as it continues to improve its offerings.

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