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Fatal birth injury alleged from use of forceps in delivery

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Birth Injury

A couple is using a social media website to inform parents about the dangers of forceps-assisted delivery of an infant. The couple has created a Facebook page and an online petition to ban the use of forceps in all birth processes after they lost their infant daughter just days after she was born.

The fatal medical error reportedly occurred on Dec. 28 when the couple’s obstetrician allegedly fractured the baby’s skull when he used forceps to assist in the baby’s delivery. Because of her small size and the baby’s relatively large size, the baby’s mother had requested a cesarean section, but the obstetrician refused, even after labor continued for 18 hours. Finally, when he realized the baby was turned the wrong way, the obstetrician allegedly tried to use small forceps to turn and pull the baby out. Unfortunately, his attempts crushed the baby’s skull.

The infant was ultimately delivered through an emergency C-section. Her numerous skull fractures were so severe that she was immediately transferred to a children’s hospital. She died five days later.

The couple is reportedly planning a medical negligence suit against the physician only — they do not hold the hospital where the birth injury occurred responsible. In addition, the couple is planning to advocate for a bill called “Olivia’s Law” that will prohibit forceps for all births.

A case of fatal birth injury caused by a doctor’s negligence is definitely heartbreaking for parents anywhere, including those in Connecticut. Such a tragic loss can lead to considerable emotional distress for a family. Under such an unfortunate circumstance, a family can take note of its legal rights to hold the party responsible for the outcome accountable for their actions, especially when negligence is the main contributing factor.

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