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Connecticut grocery store recalls meat

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2014 | Product Safety

Each week, people in Connecticut and around the country often hear about numerous food recalls. Whether it is fresh fruit and vegetables or packaged goods, shops in the area are busy protecting consumers by making sure the food that is in their grocery stores and later in families’ homes is safe to eat.

A local supermarket recently recalled all of its store-made ground meat produced and sold during a five-hour block of time one weekend morning.Dangerous food products can be harmful due to poor preparation techniques, faulty storage practices, inadequate decontamination and deficient packaging.

Store officials said that there is a possibility that the meat that was sold at the store may include small bits of the tray liner pad which would be black in color. No other meat products sold at the store were impacted by this recall, store officials reported.

No problems were reported to the store later that day, and the matter only affected that local store – not a large number of stores. Customers were advised to check the labels of any ground meat products they may have bought from that store. The store’s loyalty card customers who bought the meat were contacted by phone or e-mail.

Store officials advised customers who bought any of the meat to return it for an immediate replacement or refund. A store spokesperson said that even though the situation with the meat may not cause an immediate health risk if eaten, the store wanted to warn consumers quickly so they can act if necessary.

The Food and Drug Administration has many rules that apply to the production, storage and preparation of foods. When the proper safety measures are followed, the foods should be safe to eat. Unfortunately, though, not all manufacturers and workers in the food industry follow these rules, which could lead to adverse results.

If you or a loved one have suffered illness or injury due to a problem with a product’s safety, you may be entitled to compensation. Learning more about your legal options could help you determine how to be proceed with a civil action against an individual or entities responsible for the product’s safety.

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