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3 killed in fatal car accident in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is frightening sometimes to think of the thin line that separates humans from serious injury or even death. The fact that this thin line can easily be crossed due to the negligence of another is even more sobering. Unfortunately, two Connecticut families are now faced with the fragility of life after a fatal car accident took the lives of three people, including a married couple.

In late January, the driver of a sedan was traveling north on a Connecticut roadway in Danbury. Police say that the man lost control of his vehicle, causing him to veer into oncoming traffic. The vehicle struck a southbound sedan, causing it to crash into a box truck. The driver of the box truck has been treated and released.

Unfortunately, the driver of the first sedan and two occupants of the second, a married couple, were all transported to an area hospital for treatment where they later died from their injuries. The accident caused the road to be closed for approximately three hours. Police continue to investigate the incident.

The families of all those involved are likely reeling from the devastating news of the fatal car accident. Based on preliminary police reports, it seems that there was nothing the couple in the second vehicle or the driver of the box truck could have done to avoid the collision. As a result, there will be medical costs, funeral expenses and possibly lost wages to deal with. In order to seek help with these costs, a lawsuit in a Connecticut civil court might be appropriate. If it can be proven that the collision was caused by the driver’s negligence, the court could order a monetary award to cover the damages created by the accident.

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