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Connecticut shopping carts now safer for babies

Every parent in Connecticut knows that taking babies to the supermarket could be a challenge if there are no safety seats in the grocery carts. Many parents shop at stores and supermarkets in the area with their infant strapped into a car seat that is balancing on the front seat of the shopping cart.

Connecticut pedestrian injured in car accident

Many doctors and fitness experts proclaim the virtues of walking in order to incorporate physical activity into one's lifestyle. However, if someone is walking near the roadway, their safety could be in danger with regard to drivers, especially drivers who are not as vigilant as they should be. Unfortunately, a car accident involving a pedestrian frequently results in serious injury or death. Although some criminal charges have already been filed against a driver in an accident in Connecticut, police are still trying to determine what exactly happened.

Family's strength discover alternative way to fight brain injury

Most families in New Haven, Connecticut, would feel hopeless if they discovered that one of their loved ones suffered a traumatic brain injury. This is understandable, considering that brain injury may cause permanent disability or death. However, one family remains strong after a 16-year-old boy suffered brain injury in a hit-and-run accident.

3 killed in fatal car accident in Connecticut

It is frightening sometimes to think of the thin line that separates humans from serious injury or even death. The fact that this thin line can easily be crossed due to the negligence of another is even more sobering. Unfortunately, two Connecticut families are now faced with the fragility of life after a fatal car accident took the lives of three people, including a married couple.

Robotic suit allows spinal cord patients to move on their own

Many U.S. doctors, including those in Connecticut, have devoted their time and knowledge to discover treatments, medications or devices that can help patients with spinal cord injuries. Various approaches have been introduced from prosthetic implants to stem cells. A recently introduced futuristic breakthrough may allow something all spinal cord injury patients want, to walk again.

Fatal birth injury alleged from use of forceps in delivery

A couple is using a social media website to inform parents about the dangers of forceps-assisted delivery of an infant. The couple has created a Facebook page and an online petition to ban the use of forceps in all birth processes after they lost their infant daughter just days after she was born.

Connecticut mother still mourns for baby killed in car crash

Connecticut drivers have a responsibility to pay attention and to be alert while driving. Drivers must abide by traffic signals and lights. The lights and signals serve an important purpose - to help direct the flow of traffic to avoid confusion and automobile accidents.

Jury's decision favors deceased Connecticut man's estate

Medical malpractice cases in Connecticut, including those in New Haven, may stem from misdiagnosis, doctor error or hospital negligence. When medical negligence results in the avoidable death of a patient or others, however, that incident may necessitate a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal accident in Ne Haven leads to civil suits

The college football season is an exciting time for college students, alumni and other fans. Fans often turn a football game into an all day event -- with tailgating before and sometimes after a game. Unfortunately, the festive atmosphere before the annual Harvard-Yale football game in New Haven quickly turned to tragedy after a fatal accident killed one person and injured two others.

Car crash in Connecticut could result in wrongful death case

The death of a loved one often leads to emotional consequences that are far-reaching. When the death comes as a result of an unexpected car crash, the shock has the potential of making the emotional recovering even more difficult. Additionally, there are financial consequences as well. For those who have experienced the death of a loved one due to someone else's negligence, filing a wrongful death case in a civil court may be an option. The family of car crash victims in Connecticut may be considering that option.

Belcher's mother files suit against team on behalf of son

The late Jovan Belcher's life ended tragically at age 25 a little more than a year ago after he shot himself just minutes after shooting and killing his 22-year-old girlfriend. Belcher's family apparently believes that the athlete exhibited signs of neuropsychiatric and cognitive impairment prior to the murder-suicide. According to a wrongful death lawsuit recently brought by Belcher's mother, those signs should have been addressed by her son's team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Connecticut grocery store recalls meat

Each week, people in Connecticut and around the country often hear about numerous food recalls. Whether it is fresh fruit and vegetables or packaged goods, shops in the area are busy protecting consumers by making sure the food that is in their grocery stores and later in families' homes is safe to eat.

Connecticut car accident sends 2 drivers to hospital

Most driver's education courses emphasize the importance of being a defensive driver. Overall, many would argue that defensive drivers may be able to avoid being involved in a car accident. However, some people are involved in accidents that no action on their part could have prevented. After a recent accident in Connecticut, two drivers have found themselves in the hospital.

Passenger seriously injured in Connecticut car accident

While some people view stop signs and other traffic signals as a nuisance, they are in place in order to save lives. Failure to follow such signals can easily result in serious injuries or death. A recent car accident in Connecticut demonstrates the importance of stop signs after a passenger in a van was seriously injured.

Car crash in Connecticut leads to serious injury

Advances in technology over the last 100 years have revolutionized the automobile industry. Such changes now allow people to travel longer distances more safely and in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, although driver and passenger safety has increased significantly, traveling by automobile is not completely without risk. Sometimes even the safest of drivers can fall victim to another person's alleged negligence. For example, a recent car crash in Connecticut has sent two people to the hospital.

Drowsy driving increasing, a wake-up call for Connecticut drivers

A disregard for traffic regulations, drunk driving and distracted driving are bad enough. Motorists, including Connecticut drivers, now have another negligent driving habit to worry about. According to the Automobile Association of America's Foundation for Traffic Safety, drowsy driving is becoming a threat as one in four drivers have been struggling to keep their eyes open while behind the wheel.

Connecticut drunk driving accident causes lasting injuries

Everyone is aware of the potential consequences of a car accident. Those involved can be killed or seriously injured resulting in a lengthy hospital stay. However, many people are not as aware that the recovery from such an accident doesn't end with a patient's release from the hospital but can last for years afterward. One young man in Connecticut claims that he still has pain from a drunk driving accident that happened almost three years ago.

Woman sues doctors for leaving surgical gloves inside her

Individuals from Connecticut know that when someone has surgery, it is not without some risk. Unfortunately, there are many common and avoidable errors that cause injury and death in hospitals all over the country. Medical professionals, despite their good intentions, training and skill, may and do commit mistakes.

Family awarded $55 million after malpractice causes infant injury

The birth of a baby can be a very complicated and sensitive process at times. During labor and delivery, a baby's life is often placed in a precarious situation. Medical practitioners need to know how to reduce or altogether remove such risks to the baby's well-being. Otherwise, if an infant injury occurs due to a medical practitioner's negligence, parents across the United States, including in Connecticut, can hold the medical practitioner and the hospital legally liable.

Connecticut woman charged in alleged drunk driving accident

While most people are aware of their mortality, they do not fully realize that even the most commonplace of activities could lead to serious injury or death. For example, even a simple walk to the store could unexpectedly be one's last moment. The chance of a tragic end seems to be higher when there are drunk drivers on the road. In a similar incident, one Connecticut woman now faces criminal charges after an alleged drunk driving accident that resulted in a fatality.

Suspect in fatal car accident arrested in Connecticut

For some people, a night out with friends is the perfect way to blow off steam after a difficult week at work or to celebrate a major accomplishment. The vast majority of times, these outings are fun and relatively safe. Unfortunately, a night out with friends in Connecticut ended in a tragedy after a fatal car accident ended the life of a young woman.

Spinal cord injury prevention for Connecticut children

The last thing any Connecticut parent would want is for their child to be severely hurt. But every year, around 2,000 children and adolescents suffer a spinal cord injury. To help avoid becoming one of the statistics, parents can follow these steps to help keep their children out of harm's way.

Man charged after fatal car accident in Connecticut

The dangers of distracted driving are becoming more and more apparent. As people become more aware of the dangers associated with texting while driving, for example, laws are being enacted that prohibit such behavior in order to protect the safety of others on the road. When distracted driving is combined with driving under the influence of drugs, the chances of causing a serious accident are likely even higher. One Connecticut man now faces several charges after police claim he caused a fatal car accident.

Even routine surgeries can be complicated by medical negligence

For Connecticut patients, a routine surgery for their child usually doesn't raise any immediate concern. However, the recent case of a 13-year-old California girl is a perfect example of how something regarded as a simple surgical procedure can turn fatal.

Accident ends in child's death

In a heartrending story, a young boy was hit and killed by an unlicensed driver in a motor vehicle accident in Queens, New York. The driver was making a turn and did not see the youngster until it was too late. He stated that he heard yelling and screaming, and then realized the rear-end of the tractor-trailer he was driving had hit and killed the six-year-old boy. While the tragic vehicle accident could have been avoided had the driver had the proper training, the parents are absolutely distraught. The driver did not express any ownership of responsibility for the death of the young boy.

Connecticut boat accidents can lead to criminal charges

For many, spending the day on a boat is their idea of heaven. It is a way for them to relax and recharge after a difficult week. However, it is important for people to remember that drinking while operating a water vessel can lead to serious, deadly boat accidents. As a result of such an accident in Connecticut, one man now faces up to five years in prison.

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