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Connecticut car accident with school bus injures students

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2013 | Car Accidents

When children get on a school bus, the expectation is that those children will arrive safely at school with no complications. A car accident involving young people quickly causes people to realize how short and precious life is. A recent collision between a van and a school bus thankfully did not cause any deaths, but 11 were taken to a hospital. The Connecticut bus was filled with high school students headed home.

The school bus was carrying 12 students at the time of the midday car accident. Except for one 18-year-old student, all of them were taken to a nearby hospital to be examined. The parents of the students were then notified to pick their children up from the hospital. Officials did not notice any obvious injuries at the scene of the crash.

Many students complained of back pain and one student suffered a concussion, but there were no serious injuries. The van driver was also treated for injuries, though they were not considered life threatening. Speed was apparently not a factor, but the driver was issued a citation for following a vehicle too closely. The driver confessed to authorities that he had not been paying attention and could not stop before colliding with the bus.

The students and driver were fortunate to not receive any life threatening injuries from the Connecticut car accident. The students and their families can pursue civil litigation against the van driver for any medical bills and other financial damages they incur from accident related injuries. While there may not have been any severe injuries or deaths in this accident, complaints of back pain and/or a concussion are potentially serious injuries that will surely require close monitoring. Moreover, it may take some time for the students that were hurt to feel safe in their school bus again.

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