It is amazing to compare the life of the average modern American to someone living 100 years ago — the advances in technology have completely changed the way our lives are lived. Advances in medical technology have even significantly changed how long we live our lives. Unfortunately, there are also negative side effects to such advances. For example, cell phones have created another distraction for drivers that could easily result in a serious car accident. A driver’s cell phone use in Connecticut is believed to have caused an accident that resulted in serious injuries to his passenger.

In mid-November, a 46-year-old man was traveling with a 49-year-old passenger on a Connecticut road. Police reports indicate that the driver reported he looked at his cell phone. This action caused him to veer off the road before striking a tree.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, the passenger was trapped in the car. Once he was removed, he was transported to an area hospital with injuries to his back, neck and legs. The driver was treated for injuries to his back and neck. He now faces several charges including using a cell phone while driving and failure to drive in his lane.

An injury to one’s neck or back can have serious, lifelong physical ramifications. Often, these injuries require extensive, long-term treatment that can quickly take a financial toll on an individual. In order to help with the costs stemming from his serious injuries, the passenger has the option of filing a personal injury claim in a Connecticut civil court. If he can prove to the court that the driver’s negligence caused the accident, he could receive a financial award to help with relevant costs.

Source:, Two Men Injured In One-Car Crash In Plainfield, Mikaela Porter, Nov. 16, 2013