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1 woman dead following car crash in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

A 42-year-old Hartford resident is dead following a crash on I-84, according to law enforcement officials. Connecticut police responded to the car crash late in the evening of Nov. 28, and are still investigating exactly what caused the crash. They have asked that anyone with information please contact local authorities.

Preliminary reports indicate the 42-year-old woman was traveling eastbound when her vehicle somehow struck another vehicle. Her car was propelled over a Jersey barrier and onto a lower part of the highway. She was rushed to a local hospital by arriving medical personnel, but was later pronounced dead of the injuries she sustained in the fall.

The other vehicle involved was carrying a woman and three children, none of whom have been identified by authorities. Thankfully none of them were killed in the accident, but they all suffered injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Their current condition is unknown. Police are still determining whether alcohol, speed or negligence played a role in this devastating accident, but they have yet to file any formal charges at this time.

There are certain key details missing from this car crash case that will be required in order to determine culpability. If the Connecticut Highway Patrol investigation uncovers evidence that the deceased woman was responsible for the initial accident that caused her vehicle to leave the highway, her estate could be sued for personal injury by the other driver and any legal representatives of the children in the car. If, however, the other driver is determined to have precipitated the accident, a wrongful death suit could be filed by the deceased driver’s next of kin, apart from any criminal charges that may be filed.

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