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Accident results in serious injuries for Connecticut man

It is amazing to compare the life of the average modern American to someone living 100 years ago -- the advances in technology have completely changed the way our lives are lived. Advances in medical technology have even significantly changed how long we live our lives. Unfortunately, there are also negative side effects to such advances. For example, cell phones have created another distraction for drivers that could easily result in a serious car accident. A driver's cell phone use in Connecticut is believed to have caused an accident that resulted in serious injuries to his passenger.

Connecticut sociologist weighs in on prevalence of C-sections

Cesarean sections now account for one-third of all births in the United States, a sixfold increase since 1970. One Connecticut sociologist says this growth has largely been fueled by doctors' fears of medical malpractice suits. Ironically, she says, choosing to deliver an infant through an unnecessary C-section can lead to a lawsuit because C-sections increase the chances of a birth injury.

Car crash in Connecticut seriously injures 2 pedestrians

Sidewalks are a wonderful way for cities to keep their pedestrians safe. Most people walking on one feel relatively safe from becoming involved in a car crash despite the traffic that may be going by. However, an unfortunate accident in Connecticut has left two female pedestrians with serious injuries after being struck by a car.

1 woman dead following car crash in Connecticut

A 42-year-old Hartford resident is dead following a crash on I-84, according to law enforcement officials. Connecticut police responded to the car crash late in the evening of Nov. 28, and are still investigating exactly what caused the crash. They have asked that anyone with information please contact local authorities.

Car crash in Connecticut leaves 1 dead

An unidentified 40-year-old man is dead following a collision involving a dump truck, according to local law enforcement authorities. The fatal car crash closed down the Connecticut highway where it took place for several hours on Nov. 28. Police are still trying to determine how the crash happened, and have yet to file any charges in association with the case.

Connecticut car accident with school bus injures students

When children get on a school bus, the expectation is that those children will arrive safely at school with no complications. A car accident involving young people quickly causes people to realize how short and precious life is. A recent collision between a van and a school bus thankfully did not cause any deaths, but 11 were taken to a hospital. The Connecticut bus was filled with high school students headed home.

U.S. tire recall announced by Michelin

A common cause of truck and van accidents is tire blowouts. Due to their high center of gravity, if one of these vehicles is traveling at high speed and has a tire blowout, it is more likely to roll over than a car. Michelin North America recently recalled a large number of tires in the United States.

Is an apology enough to cover for medical negligence?

Words have power. A simple apology can end a misunderstanding and soothe hurt feelings. However, in a medical setting, will an apology be enough for a Connecticut patient who suffered from a health practitioner's medical negligence?

Fatal accident in Connecticut involving 4 cars kills woman

Auto accidents can be caused by many different situations. Chain reaction accidents resulting from a small initial collision are, unfortunately, quite common. A Monday morning crash in Connecticut initially involved just two cars, but four cars were part of the fatal accident in the end. The death that resulted from this tragic collision is truly upsetting.

Connecticut school offers students distracted-driving program

Teenagers are often criticized for reckless behavior and poor decision-making abilities. A good example is the common practice of texting and driving, an endeavor that can have devastating consequences for both teen drivers and other motorists. The Highway Safety Office of the Connecticut Department of Transportation is all set to start changing that behavior.

Cooling therapy may help avert some effects of birth injury

For the vast majority of parents, the birth of a child is a momentous occasion to be cherished the rest of their lives. In some cases, though, this significant event can turn into a nightmare when a newborn incurs a birth injury.

New Connecticut program designed to curb car accidents

It is no secret that distractions like texting are becoming a problem on roads across the nation. Quite often those most likely to be distracted behind the wheel are young drivers. That is why the Connecticut Department of Transportation launched a new program targeting teenagers, designed to educate young people about how distracted driving can lead to car accidents.

Connecticut teens arrested after allowing girl to drive drunk

Last summer, two 17-year-old boys from Connecticut let a very drunk 17-year-old girl get behind the wheel of a car. She crashed the car into a tree just a half-mile later and died before emergency workers could reach her. Investigators determined that the boys knew that the girl was drunk and did not do anything about it. Alcohol can deaden a person's senses, affecting judgment and reaction time. As a result, someone who is driving while intoxicated is much more likely to get into a collision than other drivers.

Former NHL players sue league over lack of brain injury notice

According to the Los Angeles Times, the National Hockey League is being sued by NHL players who contend the NHL didn't notify them about the dangerous effects of multiple head injuries. Those associated with the sport know ice hockey is known for its on-ice fights and testosterone-filled intensity. Despite the skepticism expressed over the lawsuit, multiple brain injury is definitely a serious matter.

Connecticut pedestrian's fatal accident results in arrest

Crosswalks are intended to be the safest way for a pedestrian to cross a street. One waits for the appropriate signal to cross and then safely crosses to the other side. This is what is supposed to happen. However, last December, this is not what happened. Recently, a bus driver was arrested and charged in connection with a fatal accident that left a Connecticut pedestrian dead.

Connecticut man arrested after crash, fight

Around holiday time, people are running around and the stress of this time of year percolates. Connecticut residents are in full swing of holiday shopping, but everyone must be careful driving on the roads. No matter how busy or hurried you are, obeying the speed limit and stop signs are things that will keep you safe not only during the holidays, but every day.

Why doctors should report a colleague's medical error

Connecticut patients usually only find out about medical mistakes when it is too late to take immediate corrective action. Not so with many doctors, though. Other physicians in the community often know fairly quickly about medical errors made by their colleagues. Can these doctors be held for medical malpractice along with the offending physicians?

New treatment may help people with spinal cord injuries

A lack of oxygen is deadly to most people. A new study from Canadian researchers, however, shows that breathing treatments in which low levels of oxygen are used can actually benefit those suffering from debilitating but not complete spinal cord injuries.

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