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Traumatic brain injury does not hinder couple’s love

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2013 | Brain Injury

A permanent disability that a New Haven, Connecticut resident or a person in any of the other states must endure can impede many things, including a budding romantic relationship. However, for one couple, the disability actually helped them to become closer.

In 2005, the couple met in college and enjoyed every minute of their 10-month dating period. However, the relationship took an unexpected turn when the woman received a phone call one day. The caller said that the man had been in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the relationship would have ended right there, but it did not in this case. Instead, the woman helped the man’s family take care of him and the couple continued dating at the same time.

A wedding was also being planned, but that wedding would not take place until the man was able to talk again. The couple sought the advice of a local judge to determine if it was in their best interests to marry. The judge’s answer inspired the couple further. The judge felt that proceeding with their marriage plans would not only benefit the couple but it would also benefit the community as well. The judge felt that the love that the couple shares would be inspiring to the entire community. The couple did marry and their story has been inspiring a lot of people, especially since it has been posted on social media channels.

The couple’s story and positive outlook, despite their challenges, are truly inspiring. Yet, not everyone is as fortunate as they are. The lives of people who sustain debilitating injuries are automatically altered, not just in terms of romantic relationships and everyday life but also in terms of employment opportunities.

A New Haven resident who sustains a brain injury because of someone else’s negligence may wish to consider legal action to help with the challenges that they must face. The victim may be entitled to compensation that can help with rehabilitation, medical costs and other expenses. While no amount of money may be able to return those affected to life as it was before the accident, with the proper financial support those suffering can still lead satisfying lives like the young couple highlighted above.

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