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Death of Connecticut cyclists could lead to wrongful death case

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over the years, there has been much emphasis placed on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, those people who have jobs that require them to sit at a desk all day look for alternatives in order to incorporate physical activity into their day. For example, many people choose to cycle to work. Unfortunately, motorists can often create dangerous conditions for cyclists by engaging in known distractions or improperly sharing the road. One man, known for his love of cycling, has recently lost his life in a Connecticut accident that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death case.

The accident occurred in late October. Police are continuing to piece together the events as the investigation continues. As of now, police believe the driver of one car caused a cyclist to fall from his bicycle. The cyclist was then hit by and trapped under a second vehicle. The man later died from the injuries sustained in the accident.

Reports indicate that the driver of the first car fled the scene. Recent statements from authorities indicate that the car believed to have taken part in the accident has now been identified, although the owner’s identity has not been released. More information will likely be available as police continue their investigation.

The family of the deceased man will likely have many questions as a result of the fatal accident. While they will have to cope with the emotional aftermath of his death, they will also have to cope with the financial ramifications — including funeral expenses and lost wages. In order to seek relief from the financial stresses caused by the accident, the family has the option of filing a wrongful death case in a Connecticut court. If the court rules in their favor, they could receive an award of monetary damages to help with these expenses.

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