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October 2013 Archives

Moped involved in fatal accident in Connecticut

Over the course of the last decade, mopeds have gained in popularity. Between wanting to save the environment and wanting to cut costs in a difficult economy, more and more people are turning to this transportation alternative. Unfortunately, drivers of more traditional vehicles who fail to follow traffic laws are causing serious injury or even death to drivers of mopeds. One man is now facing several charges related to the death of a second man in a fatal accident in Connecticut.

Connecticut woman awarded millions in malpractice lawsuit

Everyday, people in Connecticut and their families put their trust and even their lives in the hands of medical specialists. A hospital serves thousands of people and as a result, doctors have an extraordinary responsibility to ensure their patients' wellbeing. When doctors or other health care experts cause harm to patients because of negligence, errors, or poor judgment, they are breaking the law.

Medical negligence: leaving surgical instruments inside patients

Often, patients go to the operating room to have something unhealthy in their body removed. However, a recent report reveals that a lot of patients coming out of the operating room unfortunately come out with something extra inside their bodies.

Fatal car accident in Connecticut results in criminal charges

Thanks to public service announcements over the last few decades, the dangers of drinking and driving are well-known. Unfortunately, despite having this knowledge, some drivers continue to risk their own lives, as well as the lives of their innocent passengers, by getting behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks. As a result, the number of lives lost as a result of drunk driving continues to rise. In fact, Connecticut officials claim that a recent fatal car accident resulted in the death of a young man.

Connecticut man on scooter hit by truck

Connecticut traffic laws are enforced to keep drivers safe and secure. Each state has its own laws related to aspects of driving, so it's important to be familiar with how the rules apply in your home state. Drivers of motor vehicles in Connecticut and all over have a responsibility to share the road with all types of vehicles and to exercise a reasonable level of caution towards them.

Connecticut residents become more aware of brain injury

Since 2010, Connecticut residents have become more aware of the long-term effects of head trauma. Until just a few years ago, not many people would bother to make sure young athletes were examined after suffering blows to the head. Today, teachers and residents alike are aware of the negative effects of concussions and even minor head trauma that can lead to a brain injury.

New York doctor sued for malpractice

Diagnostic errors are a leading cause of malpractice lawsuits. However, many medical mistakes can be prevented if physicians take basic safety measures to ensure the safety and welfare of the patient. Sometimes, some patients are unaware of the mistakes that are or could be happening and need to seek out second opinions.

New Haven residents should be wary of trampoline-related injuries

A trampoline craze has swept the country as of late. Recreational parks in New Haven, Connecticut, have also joined the trend and included trampoline use in their list of activities. However, although jumping on a trampoline may be fun, residents should still confirm its safety as its popularity has also been met with injury cases, including neck and spinal cord injuries.

New Haven patients: be aware of antibiotic over-prescriptions

Antibiotics are often prescribed by doctors for infections. However, New Haven, Connecticut, residents should be careful about prescriptions. As a new study has revealed, doctors are not only overprescribing the drugs, but they are also being used for conditions that antibiotics should not treat in the first place.

Fatal car accident in Connecticut kills 2

For some people, the desire to learn just what a car can really do is irresistible. They want to know exactly how fast a car can go, how fast it can reach that speed and so on. Unfortunately, just because a piece of machinery has the ability to drive over 100 miles per hour does not mean that it is safe to do so. Recently, two men have paid with their lives after a fatal car accident in Connecticut that witnesses claim was due to the driver's recklessness.

The danger of repeat concussions -- traumatic brain injury

The brain is an important organ in the human body. An injury involving the brain can greatly affect a person. Symptoms of a brain injury may appear instantly following an accident in some cases. In other cases, the symptoms are delayed. It all depends on the condition of the patient. Head injuries can lead to a coma, permanent disability and amnesia. Brain injury patients may need long-term care and a series of therapies and rehabilitation, which can give a person back a normal life.

Connecticut husband charged in car crash that killed wife

DUI accidents pose a serious risk to road users in Connecticut as well as throughout the country. Driving a vehicle while intoxicated is a reckless and negligent act that shows a complete disregard for the safety of other road users. The reckless and negligent choice to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence means that in the event of an accident, the negligent party can be held liable for any damages that resulted.

Search is on for a driver who fled from car crash in New Haven

New Haven drivers know how dangerous negligent driving is. Negligent drivers are a threat to themselves and to other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Negligent driving can lead to serious repercussions such as serious injuries, including broken bones, neck injury, spinal cord injury and other forms of debilitating injuries. These injuries can also result in death as well as temporary and permanent disability.

Connecticut car crash would end in wrongful death case

Most people do not realize that their lives are often times protected by two lines of yellow painted down the center of a road. If another driver crosses these lines, lives could be lost or serious injury could be sustained. In a similar case that could ultimately result in wrongful death claims, a Connecticut man has been charged with homicide months after an accident that resulted in the death of another driver.

One woman's story inspires people with spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can be result of a workplace accident, car accident or other unexpected occurrence. The injury can lead to paralysis and disability, which can change a life that was once normal. Surgeries and therapies do not guarantee a 100 percent recovery from a spinal cord injury. Another thing that can contribute to the victim's woes is the financial impact of costly medical expenses. Fortunately, a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of another person's negligence can file a legal claim to obtain compensation.

Connecticut man dies after motorcycle accident

DUI accidents pose a serious risk to road users in Connecticut as well as throughout the country. Driving a vehicle while intoxicated is a reckless and negligent act that shows a complete disregard for the safety of other road users. The reckless and negligent choice to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence means that in the event of an accident, the negligent party can be held liable for any damages that resulted.

Family struggling with consequences of birth injury

New Haven residents may be unfamiliar with the terms Erb's palsy and shoulder dystocia. These are types of birth injuries. A baby may suffer from these injuries during delivery. Birth injuries like these can result in temporary or permanent disability, which is a life-altering consequence. A mother whose baby suffered from birth injuries may find that her child will need long-term medical assistance.

Connecticut woman charged after fatal motorcycle accident

Every driver has likely experienced the frustration of getting stuck behind another vehicle that he or she feels is driving too slowly. For some drivers, the temptation to drive too closely to the driver who is allegedly driving too slowly is intense. However, it is a temptation that should be ignored. It is unlikely to have any effect while at the same time, it is likely to cause a possibly fatal accident. One woman in Connecticut has been accused of following too closely in an incident that resulted in a fatal motorcycle accident.

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