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Motorcycle accident seriously injuries Connecticut man

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

This is the perfect time of year for motorcyclists. The weather is still warm, and they can make use of the first few days of fall before it becomes too cold and snowy to go out on their motorcycle. This means that other drivers need to continue watching for such vehicles. A collision between a motor vehicle and motorcycle can easily lead to serious injury or death. For example, a motorcycle accident in Connecticut has recently resulted in serious injuries.

In the late afternoon of a mid-September day, the driver of a minivan and the motorcyclists were travelling toward each other. According to early police reports, the driver of the minivan turned left in front of the motorcycle, failing to yield the motorcyclist’s right of way. The motorcyclist was found lying by the road.

He was transported to an area hospital where he was treated for serious injuries. He has since been released. The minivan driver was uninjured. There is no information currently about possible criminal charges; however, the incident is still under investigation, meaning charges may still be forthcoming.

According to the first reports filed by responding officers, it seems that increased vigilance on the part of the minivan driver may have prevented the motorcycle accident. If the motorcyclist can prove this in a Connecticut civil court, he could receive a monetary award to help with the financial burdens the accident created, including medical bills and lost wages from work as he recovers. Such an action would allow him to focus on his recovery, rather than how he will manage his finances.

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