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Family receives $4 million verdict from birth injury lawsuit

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Birth Injury

During the process of child delivery, doctors are entrusted with the lives of both the baby and the mother. Doctors should follow strict safety standards in this process because a slight mistake could end in catastrophic injuries. In New Haven, Connecticut, cases of birth injury are often caused by erroneous calls that some doctors make during the delivery process.

Similarly, a recent report has stated that a jury has decided that an obstetrician’s negligence caused permanent injuries to a mother and her daughter. According to the report, the obstetrician failed to conduct a necessary Cesarean section and continued with a vaginal delivery when the mother’s labor stopped. Evidence indicated that the doctor ignored signs that a C-section should be considered and carried out.

According to court papers, an ultrasound was performed four days before the mother went into labor. It showed that her daughter weighed approximately 10 pounds. Although the mother expressed her concern about the weight issue, she was reassured that she should not worry and that everything would be okay. During the vaginal delivery, the doctor used forceps to assist her when she became too tired to push the baby out. The baby’s shoulder became stuck on her pelvis, causing an important three-and-a-half minute setback when the baby was deprived of oxygen.

This story demonstrates to readers in New Haven, Connecticut, how dangerous and damaging birth injuries can be. The daughter, now four-years-old, sustained neurological injuries and mild cerebral palsy. The mother suffered injuries that left her incapable of working as a result of the doctor’s mistake. The injuries that were sustained are sure to put the family in a lot of distress both physically and financially. Fortunately, the jury has favored them based on evidence and awarded them with $4 million in compensation for what they have had to endure.

Source: The Morning Call, “Lehigh County jury awards $4 million in birth injury suit,” Peter Hall, Sept. 11, 2013



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