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Authorities identify victims in recent crash near New Haven

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

The roadways of New Haven, Connecticut, were essentially made to improve the lives of local residents. However, it seems like a lot of local drivers are forgetting the fact that those roads were not just made for them, but for the entire community. Because of negligent drivers, the local roadways are now considered a threat to human life, instead of being an asset to the community.

Consider the example of an incident that took the life of a 15-year-old boy in Hamden, Connecticut. According to reports, police have identified the victim who died recently as the result of a terrible car accident on Dixwell Avenue. Police say that the victim had recently moved to Connecticut with his family from North Carolina. Two other people were critically injured when two vehicles crashed.

According to officers, the victim was a passenger in a car operated by a 27-year-old local resident. The vehicle was driving south when it crossed lanes and crashed into a northbound vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was a 31-year-old local resident who suffered back injuries. According to authorities, there might have been another person involved and investigations are ongoing. Police stated that charges could be forthcoming as the investigation uncovers more details.

Although the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, readers in New Haven, Connecticut, may understand that negligence might have been a factor in the accident. Because of someone else’s alleged negligence, a family has lost someone with a promising future. The family may also face an extreme financial burden from hospital bills and funeral expenditures.

Although it might not be that much of a consolation, readers should be reminded that there are laws that can protect their rights under such dreadful circumstances. In New Haven, Connecticut, family members of a deceased accident victim can sue the negligent party and claim compensation, which will cover accident-related expenses. Experienced personal injury legal professionals are available to provide help and guidance to those victims and their families.

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