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Research aimed at improving the lives of children with TBI

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Brain Injury

Because of negligent drivers on the roadways in New Haven, Connecticut, many residents have become victims of vehicular accidents in recent years. Those victims sustained injuries ranging from torn limbs to traumatic brain injury. The worst thing is that there are a large number of children who suffer from brain injuries. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has considered TBI a leading cause of disability and death among U.S children.

Fortunately, two researchers were selected by the National Institutes of Health to run a $16.5 million research study that would evaluate treatments used for pediatric TBI. The five-year study is aiming to find evidence that would create a standard in clinical practices. This evidence would also create guidelines that could improve the lives of children suffering from TBI.

This study will test the effectiveness of six different TBI treatments that make up the standard care plan for younger TBI victims. These treatments include glucose support, nutrition and prophylactic hyperventilation, a theory suggesting that brain swelling may be reduced by quick, deep breathing. This research is expected to discover the most efficient treatments possible for children with TBI.

With an estimated 1.5 million Americans sustaining TBI annually, this report might give a lot of TBI patients hope. However, as readers in New Haven may be aware, TBI treatments are generally expensive and lengthy. It is also important to remember that most TBI victims are not only dealing with their physical injury but with a financial crisis as well.

To be able to buy the best medical treatments, TBI victims in New Haven, Connecticut, may wish to file a lawsuit against the person who caused their pain and suffering. However, this lawsuit might become pointless unless the TBI victim can prove that negligence has been committed. That is why it may be best for a TBI victim to seek the assistance of a legal professional. With an attorney’s help, TBI victims may receive compensation, which may help to pay for medical treatment and other accident-related expenses.

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