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Connecticut woman awarded $2.5 million settlement from car crash

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2013 | Car Accidents

Connecticut car accident victims who sustain serious injuries may be entitled to a cash settlement to cover medical expenses, loss of income, loss of job and pain and suffering. A 62-year-old woman suffered traumatic brain injuries, pelvic and spinal cord injuries as a result of a collision with vehicle owned by the town of Waterford and operated by a town employee. The car crash occurred in mid-Nov. 2010, and the victim’s injuries caused her to spend nearly a month in a New Haven hospital.

The victim lost her credit union job due to her injuries, and she is not likely to be able to work for many more years. Much of the settlement will cover medical bills, which are nearing the half million dollar mark. The case was settled through mediation as agreed upon by the parties. Two sessions were held before Waterford’s insurance company agreed to pay the settlement.

Witnesses at the scene of the accident said the town employee clearly ran the red light and caused the accident. The evidence suggested the injured woman was not at fault for the collision. Understandably, car accidents such as this can cause serious injuries that require months — and in some cases years — of medical care and rehabilitation services.

It appears that the $2.5 million settlement reached here will go a long ways toward meeting the victim’s expenses and reimbursing her for other financial damages sustained. While each car crash claim is based upon its own unique set of facts, the general principles are the same. A plaintiff generally must establish by relevant evidence that the injuries suffered were caused by the negligence of another party. Once liability is established, a Connecticut civil court will adjudicate demands for monetary damages that the accident engendered.

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