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Connecticut motorcycle accident results in death, charges

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, reading about a motorcycle accident in Connecticut is an all too common occurrence. This is typically a devastating time for friends and family members of any accident victims. Unfortunately, with the warm weather and nicer days, there are more bikes on the road and more collisions as well. It was recently reported that one man is now facing criminal charges as a result of a motorcycle accident that took place last year.

The accident occurred when the man was trying to turn his vehicle so as to enter a driveway. In doing so, he struck a motorcycle in a tragic head-on crash. The cyclist and his wife were thrown from the motorcycle as a result of the impact.

The motorcycle driver was conscious and responsive to police officers in the aftermath of the accident. His wife, however, lost consciousness. Both were taken to local medical facilities, where the man succumbed to his injuries at a later date. The car driver is now facing numerous charges, including negligent homicide.

Any Connecticut resident injured in a motorcycle accident — or the surviving family members of someone that lost their life in one — may benefit from gaining an understanding of the applicable personal injury and/or wrongful death laws in our state. When serious injuries occur, medical bills and other accident related expenses can quickly add up. By taking a proactive approach, a victim or deceased victim’s family, can be more hopeful they may receive monetary reimbursement to help cover any financial losses.

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