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2 personal injury victims in Connecticut crash

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

When driving, vigilance is always important. The recent information in the media about the dangers of texting while driving have shown the driving world the detrimental effects of even a split second of distraction. While texting is a relatively new phenomenon, accidents have been caused by allegedly distracted drivers for years. An accident in Connecticut that may have been caused by a distracted driver, leaving in its wake two personal injury victims, is currently under investigation.

The accident occurred around noon in early August. A 45-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter were attempting to cross the street when they were struck by a car. Police officers believe the car was driven by a 22-year-old woman.

Fortunately, the two victims are expected to survive from their injuries. Reports indicate that the driver attempted to avoid striking the two pedestrians. As of this time, no charges have been filed, but police continue to investigate the incident.

It is fortunate that the two people survived the incident; however, it is likely that the family will face several medical bills due to their injuries. Additionally, the older woman may have to miss work as she recoveries resulting in lost wages. As all personal injury victims in Connecticut have the option, the woman and her daughter can seek compensation for these financial losses in a civil court. If they can prove the accident was caused by the driver’s negligence, the judge may order the driver pay them financial restitution. Such an outcome would help alleviate certain stresses caused by such an unexpected accident.

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