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August 2013 Archives

A-rod's reps to file malpractice lawsuit

Every day, patients in Connecticut and their families place their trust and even their lives in the hands of medical professionals. As a result, doctors have a special responsibility to ensure their patients' safety. When doctors or other healthcare professionals cause harm to patients because of negligence, mistakes, or poor judgment, they are violating the law.

Common spinal cord injury settings and ways to prevent it

Many Americans are avid fans of football. The sport's popularity is evident in the number of people who attend football events in arenas and frequent sports bars in New Haven, Connecticut, just to see their favorite teams play in the Super Bowl and NCAA championships. Furthermore, football is a part of most high school and colleges. However, just like in any other physical sport, football players are vulnerable to injury. Because football is a highly competitive contact sport, the injuries that players sustain may be severe.

Woman sentenced in fatal car accident in Connecticut

There are some people who are simply risk takers. They are willing to take any conceivable risk without regard to their own personal safety. Unfortunately, when these actions put the safety of others at risk, there is a problem. Oftentimes, the criminal justice system will dole out justice to those who have endangered others through their behavior. In one case in Connecticut, a woman was recently sentenced to prison for her involvement in a fatal car accident.

Connecticut woman loses life in fatal car accident

It is amazing to think how easily a life can be lost or forever altered. In the blink of an eye, someone's world could be ruined. All it takes it a brief moment of distraction or lack of familiarity with a specific area while driving. The family and community of a Connecticut woman is today attempting to cope with her death after a horrific, fatal car accident.

Another man dies in car accident near New Haven

All states have their fair share of accident-prone areas. Connecticut's roads are no exception and have been the scene of some horrid car accidents. In many cases, however, these accidents are caused not by dangerous road conditions but by negligent drivers.

2 personal injury victims in Connecticut crash

When driving, vigilance is always important. The recent information in the media about the dangers of texting while driving have shown the driving world the detrimental effects of even a split second of distraction. While texting is a relatively new phenomenon, accidents have been caused by allegedly distracted drivers for years. An accident in Connecticut that may have been caused by a distracted driver, leaving in its wake two personal injury victims, is currently under investigation.

Connecticut teenager killed in fatal car accident

For most, the summer before entering their senior year of high school is a relatively fun time filled with friends making lasting memories. These teenagers are enjoying the last year with their friends in their hometown before everyone goes their own way after graduation. Unfortunately, one high school in Connecticut is coping with the death of a popular young teenager after a fatal car accident that happened just before she was set to enter her senior year of high school.

Research aimed at improving the lives of children with TBI

Because of negligent drivers on the roadways in New Haven, Connecticut, many residents have become victims of vehicular accidents in recent years. Those victims sustained injuries ranging from torn limbs to traumatic brain injury. The worst thing is that there are a large number of children who suffer from brain injuries. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has considered TBI a leading cause of disability and death among U.S children.

Car accident injures policeman in New Haven, Connecticut

Teenage drivers are causing more and more accidents on the roads in New Haven, Connecticut. Because teenagers are inexperienced and, sometimes, they may make the wrong decisions while driving, they could end up causing an accident. In fact, a large portion of car accidents on local roads are caused by teenage drivers, ranging from distracted driving all the way to driving under the influence (DUI) accidents to distracted driving.

Connecticut man flees police following fatal car crash

Traffic laws exist to keep drivers safe and secure. Each state has its own laws related to seat belt usage, so it's prudent to be familiar with how the rules apply in your home state. Everyone, whether driving or riding as a passenger, should always wears a seatbelt, no matter how far you are driving.

Connecticut teen driving regulations questioned after fatality

Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage and an exciting time for a teenager. Most teens cannot wait to get their driver's licenses. It is important, though, to remind teenagers that parental rules and the Connecticut driving laws are only meant to keep them safe. Yet auto accidents involving teens are happening often, even though Connecticut has some of the toughest teen driving rules in the country.

Doctor negligence: physicians overlooking back pain guidelines

Most residents in New Haven, Connecticut, respect local doctors and other medical professionals. Residents are positive that when they or their family member develop an illness, the medical professional is sure to provide them with the best possible health care.

Serious injuries result from Connecticut car crash

Driving always comes with inherent dangers, but many of those dangers lurk after dark when visibility is worse. This may be the case with a Connecticut car crash that occurred just before 4 a.m. on a Sunday in late July. Bloomfield police are still investigating the incident, which caused serious injuries to two young men and also hurt a 50-year-old woman. Details are scarce about how the accident occurred.

Criminal charges follow fatal drunk driving accident

For Connecticut drivers, there are few prospects more frightening than encountering a drunk driver while out on the roads. Impaired drivers cause a multitude of serious auto accidents in any given year, and many Connecticut residents lose their lives as a result of the poor choices of another driver. Two families may be able to move closer to a sense of closure with the news that the man who caused a fatal drunk driving accident will face criminal charges in the matter.

Connecticut motorcycle accident results in death, charges

Unfortunately, reading about a motorcycle accident in Connecticut is an all too common occurrence. This is typically a devastating time for friends and family members of any accident victims. Unfortunately, with the warm weather and nicer days, there are more bikes on the road and more collisions as well. It was recently reported that one man is now facing criminal charges as a result of a motorcycle accident that took place last year.

New law targets distracted drivers in Connecticut

Many New Haven, Connecticut, drivers know that one basic rule of driving is "keeping your eyes on the road." As technology emerges, however, motorists' concentration seems to be distracted by other things such as gadgets and smart phones. Such circumstances may not be surprising but the more it happens, the more lives are at stake.

Connecticut car crash leaves 3 people injured

No one ever anticipates being a car crash victim, but it is an unfortunate reality for many. While some accidents only cause minor injuries, if any at all, others can result in serious injuries that will forever change the lives of the victims. The lives of at least two Connecticut residents will likely be completely altered after a car crash that left three people injured.

New hope for spinal cord injury victims

People who suffer severe neck, back and limb injuries often face years of impaired functioning, even if they are fortunate enough to have access to good long-term medical and therapeutic care. Even with the advent of better therapies and pharmaceuticals to improve these patients' health, they often face years of physical suffering.

Connecticut work accident kills one, injures another

Millions of employees are injured at work each year and thousands of work accidents result in serious injuries and death. Employees who are injured on the job are entitled to compensation for their injuries. In death cases, work families may be entitled to compensation.

Brain injuries in sports, motor-vehicle crashes and falls

Brain injuries may be caused by a collision or trauma to the head, which disrupts the normal function of the brain. A hit on the head is common in contact sports, such as football. Due to this, the National Football League is facing scrutiny regarding lawsuits in connection with brain damage.

Connecticut woman awarded $2.5 million settlement from car crash

Connecticut car accident victims who sustain serious injuries may be entitled to a cash settlement to cover medical expenses, loss of income, loss of job and pain and suffering. A 62-year-old woman suffered traumatic brain injuries, pelvic and spinal cord injuries as a result of a collision with vehicle owned by the town of Waterford and operated by a town employee. The car crash occurred in mid-Nov. 2010, and the victim's injuries caused her to spend nearly a month in a New Haven hospital.

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