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Truck crash kills Connecticut man while working on another truck

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2013 | Truck Accidents

A Connecticut man employed by a local truck servicing company is dead after a tractor-trailer crashed into his parked service truck. He was changing a flat tire on another tractor-trailer on the shoulder of I-95 in Greenwich when the truck crash occurred. The driver of the tractor-trailer causing the impact drifted onto the shoulder, struck the parked service truck, and pushed it into the 57-year-old man changing the tire. 

The deceased man was killed on impact and was wearing high-visibility clothing appropriate for road work, according to state police. The service vehicle was demolished and the 25-year-old driver of the parked tractor-trailer suffered a leg injury and glass cuts as a result of the crash. Both of the surviving truck drivers were brought to Stamford Hospital where their injuries were determined to be non-life-threatening.

The man who was killed was changing a tire on the parked tractor-trailer’s fifth axle when his service truck was hit. He had parked his own vehicle behind the disabled truck on the shoulder near Exit 3. The accident occurred around 2:48 a.m., and the Weston man was pronounced dead on the scene. 

The family of the Connecticut man killed in the I-95 truck crash has suffered a severe and tragic loss. It will be up to the family to prove if the driver of the tractor-trailer that drifted onto the shoulder and crashed into the service vehicle is financially responsible for a wrongful death. The police report appears to indicate that the man killed was following all of the safety procedures required for highway road work, and the family may pursue legal recourse to obtain compensation for damages and emotional suffering.

Source: The Daily Voice, “Weston Man Killed While Changing Truck’s Flat Tire On I-95 In Greenwich,” June 28, 2013



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